Self confidence is the ability of saying “I can” instead of “I can’t”. Now this skill is increasingly important in today’s world and here’s why.

  1. Helps you handle rejection better: Whether it’s a rejection letter from that job you didn’t get or a relationship gone sour; you handle it all with a calm self confidence instead of allowing it to burn you out from inside.
  2. You become a risk taker! Life offers many opportunities to the brave, but are you willing to risk everything you have for it ? Without the pioneers, voyagers, inventors, scientists who believed in themselves, we would never have made such remarkable progress in our knowledge of earth’s horizons or her bounty, inventions or scientific knowledge.
  3. Less stress and anxiety:  Anxiety occurs, when one feels ill- equipped to handle life’s situations. Armed with self confidence, whether it’s a job loss or the death of a loved one, you take life’s unpredictable scenarios in your stride.
  4. Enjoy a sense of worth:  To feel worthy, one need not always be as rich as Bill Gates or a Nobel Prize winner. We can feel worthy and content, regardless of our socio- economic status or how the world at large, perceives us.
  5. No depression for you: One of the primary causes of depression is low self- esteem.  A low self esteem brings jealousy, sensitivity to criticism, loneliness and other such detrimental negative emotions, in it’s wake. With a single stroke of self- confidence, you slay all such demonic negative emotions at one go!
  6. Being humble: A truly self- confident person is humble and has an objective approach to both success and failure.  He acknowledges each mistake and learns from them when he fails.
  7. Stretch your abilities:  It could be something as simple as mastering a skill, learning a new language or reaching a personal fitness goal, a can- do attitude takes you everywhere.  Especially up life’s ladder!
  8. Become resilient:  With self- confidence you are armed with weapons to fight life’s slings and arrows. Setbacks and failures don’t really slow you down; they end up becoming the stepping stones of your success.
  9. Improved relationships:  When you are no longer worried about what others think of you when you enter a room, or worry about making the right impression, you actually end up genuinely engaging with others. You focus less on yourself and more on your relationships, thereby making them more productive and fruitful.
  10. Become empathetic:  When you are not plagued by self- doubt, you have more time on your hands to notice a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on or to help out somebody having a bad day. It ends up making you a deeply empathetic person; somebody who can actually help others solve their problems.
  11. Have a great sense of humor:  You have learnt to laugh at life’s foibles and acknowledge that you never know what tomorrow would bring. So you laugh today and get others to laugh with you as well making people crave for the pleasure of your company.
  12. Be happy!  The purported goal of every human being on earth is to be happy. That’s why we struggle so hard and long. But a truly self- confident person is someone who is happy TODAY because he never knows what tomorrow may bring.

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