Here’s why the college students are often addicted to sleep.

It is approximated that 60% of college students are sleep deprived compared to 30% of adults, meaning many students are not choosing to sleep! The college students have to juggle a lot between socializing, hours of study and often working. It is not very surprising if the young adults are not prioritizing sleep due to the school and work stress, maintaining the social circle often leading to suffer for the lack of time to sleep.

You must remember the days of getting back from class and having an appetite of naps- often taken while attending lectures and labs. With so much to do and a lot to balance, it’s not difficult to analyse why healthy eating and adequate sleep get pushed aside.

But, it has been seen that sleep does much more than fatigue reduction to the students.The matter of fact is that it can actually impact your mind, learning and even long term health.

Why sleeping is worth your time?

When you are young, you do not realize the importance of getting a good sleep. It is incredibly easy to avoid the idea of future effects of sleep deprivation when you are young and healthy.

But students in their young days do not care a lot about things. It’s a boon for the adults who get a sound sleep. But you must be aware that there are various ways in which lack of sleep affects and individual immediately. Such lack of sleep can have significant impact on your health, on your grades and even on your appearance as well.

Helps in memorizing & learning

If you are taking biology of psychology classes, then you would likely to come across the ways in which a sound sleep affects human body. Lots of research proves that sleep plays significant role in the processing of brain, sorting through memories and the things you grasp during day hours.

The negative impact on grade point average is also one big challenge of sleep stress.If you want to get good grades and have a healthy GPA to flash in future interviews or for grad school, than getting rest is imperative.

Prevents illness

It is an old saying- a sound mind prevails in a healthy body, which is exactly true in order to have a sound sleep for sound body. Lack of sleep impairs your immune system, thus making you more susceptible to bugs.

One study shows that lack of sleep causes T-cell to decrease and inflammation to increase, making body less resistant against illness.

Helps you look better  

Being fit and healthy is one of the prime concerns for many college students. Sleep plays an important role in fitness in addition to eating well and exercising. The muscle grows and recovers during rest making you stay in shape. A good sleep makes you feel better since its well-known that a well-rested mind is better equipped to manage and deal with stress.

It is also seen that naps are very good for balanced mind. But keep in mind, keep you naps short – a less than 20 minutes is considered ideal. Such naps will make you more alert and attentive while boosting your brain. 

So, the college students taking enough sleep can cheers about several good reasons for the same.

If you have certain sleep tips and tricks to be shared with college students then do not forget to write us.Hope you enjoyed the blog.

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