What would have happened if J.K. Rowling was forced to do the management work?

Can we think a cricket history without Sachin Tendulkar?

Every person comes to this world with some potentials, while most of them are unaware of them. Most of the people have led or leading their life in ordinary ways. One day they will die, so as their stories.

Here comes the importance of admission guidance and career counseling..!! They are great helps in your life to make them more productive and meaningful. If you doubt the potential of these two services, you are lagging in your knowledge.

Read this blog, to change your concept of admission guidance and career counseling.

In this blog, we will only discuss Bangalore potentials in terms of admission, counseling, career, growth and development.

Almost of the Bangalorean Parents take their children to Education Consultancy in Bangalore before taking any of the further career decision. It is because they have understood the scientific methodology and ideas lies behind the concept. Bangalore, the IT Hub, the garden city of India, has numerous colleges and universities. Every year thousands of students migrate to Bangalore with the desire of getting a better education.

5 Reasons why Bangalore Admission Consultants are must in your list:

1. Every Life, Every Talent Matters. It takes an expert assessment to understand the true potential of every student. Parents, no matter, how much they love and care for their children are always the right to decide the appropriate career path for their dear ones. Admission consultants are nothing but the expert guide in education region. Experts are them who have spent more than 20 years of their lives with colleges, students and have seen & experienced both of their evolution and development. They know how to respect and retain talents.

2. We must follow a Scientific Method to shape our life. The best Education Consultants in Bangalore use scientific methods to map and analyze the type of potentials students are possessing. Several psycho-analytical models, behavioral theories, behavior analytical tools have been deployed to trap the actual interests of the students.

3. We all need Rightful Admission Guidance and Proper Career Counseling in your life. A good admission consult counsels you and gives you the best admission guidance. It is an end-to-end service which starts with counseling and ends up with the successful admission of your children.

4. Education Consultants in India help us to avoid unnecessary waste of money. Money is one of the most useful resources in your life. We must spend it carefully. Educational consultants help us in utilizing the money for education in a proper way. They help us not to fall in the false trap and to avoid all kinds of unnecessary nuisances regarding admissions.

5. Education Consultants make you feel Proud of your Decision. Trust me…!! It is the best part of the services. When parents see their children gradually climbing the stairs of success, when they watch their children happily looking back at them, they feel proud of their decisions.

5 Reasons why Indian Educational Services is one of the best Education Consultants in Bangalore?

1. Scientific Career Counseling:

The contemporary world looks for specialized skills. Students become skilled professionals when they pursue appropriate education and rightful career paths. IES does scientific career counseling which includes-

  • Aptitude Tests
  • Interests Assessments
  • Personality Tests
  • Left- Right Brain Bias Model Tests
  • Student’s Learning Style

2. Brain Matrix Test:

Brain Matrix Test is a combination of the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) and Psychometric Test. It is one of the best tools to find out the genius inside your children.

This tool has been created, with the support of the International Centre for Brain Research & Development. Already, countries like Singapore, China, Malaysia etc. have successfully greeted this tool. IES is the first proud consultant to introduce it in India.

3. Map My Talent:

Map My Talent is a tool, practised by the Indian Educational Services (IES), which understands all possible questions come to your mind regarding admissions. It is a ‘Best Fit’ stream selector package tool. Nothing can go wrong with it. It is administered by the best educational expert team, with complete dedication and utmost care.

Steps of Map My Talents:

  • Online Psychometric Assessment
  • Analysis and Processing
  • Report Making

4. CEST:

CEST (Common Entrance & Scholarship Test) is a responsible initiative of IES to facilitate meritorious students with lucrative scholarship opportunities. IES envisions to deliver the light of education to the middle and lower-income group of the community with affordable cost.

5. Local Guardian Services:

Your child will never be away from home while IES is with you. Unique guardianship services offered by IES throw away all the tension of the parents. Responsible executives keep sending periodical reports to the local guardians in their language.

Apart from these, IES is known for its extensive educational network and excellent admission guidance all over Karnataka.

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