Hey ya’ll how are you guys doing? Hope all of you all are keeping a positive mindset and cracking on with your tasks as usual. Now, speaking of positive mindsets let’s figure out a strategy through which we can achieve this shall we? Motivation can be broadly classified into two main types, Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Then there are other lesser forms of motivation which we shall talk about in a bit.

There is no better way to understand the different types of motivation than with the help of examples.

Intrinsic Motivation:

Hey… have you ever wondered what sort of a motivation, a desire to reduce your body weight falls under (in general)?

Well this is what we call Intrinsic motivation as the motivation is driven by internal desire. The desire to stay fit and healthy and kind of feel good and satisfied along the way is driven internally. That’s why it’s called Intrinsic Motivation.

Extrinsic Motivation:

Now let’s look at the same example changing the narrative a little bit. Say that your wife/hubby does not like that new piece of fat on your tummy you ended up getting last Christmas… that’s beginning to bulge out a little too much to look attractive!

You might start running on the treadmill like a hamster in a wheel for all you know. But that is a desire and that kind of drive is a direct result of an external force. In this case your spouse is the external force. This is what we term as Extrinsic Motivation.

Incentive Motivation or Reward-Based Motivation:

Wife to hubby: “Honey if you do two rounds around the park every single day, 6 am in the morning… I will make you, your favorite, paneer butter masala every Sunday”

This is an incentive based motivation and hence the name.

Fear Based Motivation:

Wife to hubby: “You better get really slim really fast or I am leaving you forever!”

Now the fear of losing his wife gets him motivated to achieve the impossible (Just kidding!).

Achievement Based Motivation:

In an organization every time you hit a milestone and hit well above your target, your boss is really pleased.

Senior Manager: “Ram your performance was the best on the entire floor. I am very impressed! I will put in a good word for you in front of the Director and ask him to get you promoted to Senior Sales Representative”

Now Ram gets motivated more due to the title or the position and recognition that he will be given, making him give his best for time to come.

Power Based Motivation:

The local Goon to his associate: “I have to beat Shah at his own game or no one will approve of me!”

The desire to beat someone at what they do is a clear sign of thirst for power and recognition. The motivation that stems from one’s desire for power can be classified as Power Based Motivation.

These are some kinds of motivations in Psychology… Generally we humans have to be motivated to do great things or even our day to day jobs. Most of the time these tasks can be painfully boring and we would need something to keep pushing us towards the finish line.

Say for instance your math score is bad but your father tries to broker a deal with you saying that he would get you that new laptop you have been saving up for since last year … if you get your math grade up that is…. This is clearly an incentive based motivation…

Then there’s this other kind of dad…. like mine for instance who uses a very different kind of motivation… “If you don’t get your math grades right I am going to send you to boarding school!” That statement was short, simple and effective… This is a fear based motivation …. And coming to think of it… the strangely worked really well… as I did end up getting good grades in math…..

So guys what kind of motivation works best for you? What do you do to keep your drive on fire? Leave us a comment below ….. We would love to hear about that…and let us know if we were any good 😀

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