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If you are reading this it is likely that you have considered applying to Business Schools and probably grasped that the selection of a particular b-school is a bit complex than you initially thought. So here I will discuss about one of such Institute that has overcome the challenges of time and tides of the economic condition and has been able to place its students in some of the most highly paid corporate offices worldwide.

Among some of the renowned institutes in the country, Universal Business School stands among the most preferred lists.  Located near the Ulhas river basin, Karjat which is a popular Mumbai weekend vacation destination for its natural scenic views, mountains, forts and ancient rock-cut temples also holds one of the premier business schools in India, The Universal Business School.

Universal Business Schoolwas originally founded by a group of management professionals who have extensive experience in leading global businesses and who are passionate about innovating in the field of management studies and delivering a top class learning experience. It was a crying need to have an internationally renowned and respected with extraordinary built Business School in the vicinity of Mumbai, which will support the global organizations.

 The establishment of Universal Business School, Karjat now attracts students and faculties from across India and other parts of the globe to improve understanding, peace, and growth among diverse peoples and nations. The Universal Business School pride itself with a creative teaching pedagogics, as a fully autonomous learning institution with intellectual freedom to develop industry-relevant curriculum. The top management has been keen in designing the program to be an Intensive Global Training Program, with cutting edge training resources and various learning opportunities through industry’s close participation and involvement.

With the objective of being to effectively synthesize classroom learning along with real-life business situations, Universal Business School regularly concentrates on combining fundamental study with real-world experience. The learning environment explicitly inspire students to practice real-life situations that test their abilities, knowledge and emotions and allow them the flexibility to react to emerging scenarios, rather than simply thinking about the interaction and reacting hypothetically to the stimuli. This will ensure that students are fully aware of the current business environment when they enter the corporate world.

The course curriculum is design in a way to motivate them to be successful, starting from the first day. Workshops like the Annual Symposia and Conferences, which are frequently arranged at the University, provides students with an excellent opportunity to fine-tune their leadership and management skills as they listen to global thinkers.

The management uses several methodologies like the latest pedagogical technologies available: Case Study Process, Shadow Methods, Simulations, Modeling, Consulting and Experiential Learning Projects, etc. The purpose of these processes is to create a rich learning experience for the students. During their careers, they are motivated to deal with the professional challenges with confidence.

Times of India ranked Universal Business School among the top 4 b-schools in Mumbai. It is the only B-school in India to offer an AICTE Approved Global MBA Degree with Cardiff Achieved International Accreditation, in terms of program exclusivity. Under several international parameters, UBS was named a True Global B-school in India by the Times Business-school. It allows you to obtain a Global passport together with an Indian passport and lets you become a Global Striver to pick the opportunities that the world has to offer. The Universal Business School Ranking has influenced students and faculties to become a part of the institution from abroad and overseas.

With the collaboration of various other highly ranked International business school and universities, the Institute has elevated itself in recognizing its degreed offered. Universal Business School is led by Global CEOs with exceptional experience of company management from around the globe. It is India’s first Green Business School, as it took some sustainability steps while developing its infrastructure. The institute offers unique management courses that are affiliated with University of Cardiff, UK.

The All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) and the Government of India approve UBS, created in 2009. Universal Business School (UBS) educates and nurtures executive talent responsive to corporate governance, Company Social Responsibility (CSR), environmental issues. The institute provides a good environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and prepare better. UBS differentiates itself, as a fully autonomous learning institution with intellectual freedom to develop courses appropriate for the industry.

Universal Business School (UBS) has already made a leap forward by establishing the first Green Business School in India to ensure integrated eco-smart thinking and a sustainable campus. The idea of setting up a business school of world class stature in Mumbai was born in 2008. The Business School is founded by International Business Leaders who have business experience across all five continents and have led multinational corporations worth multi billion dollars. For international business leaders, they have created a special experience-based learning pedagogy.

UBS offers full-time and part-time management training and post-graduate programs along with management leadership courses for executive management. UBS will provide training and consulting services to leading Indian and multinational companies through its affiliate Business Scorecard India, and will serve as a leading platform for Organization Building, Business Growth, Customer Delight and Employee Development.

The Business School is developed by International Business Leaders who have business experience across all five continents and led multinational companies of multibillion dollar value. For international business executives, they have created a unique experience-based learning pedagogy.

UBS offers full-time and part-time management training and post-graduate programs along with management development courses for executive management. UBS will provide training and consulting services to leading Indian and multinational companies through its subsidiary Company Scorecard India, and will serve as a leading platform for Organization Building, Business Growth, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Development.

The Universal Business School Fees for general PGDM is 8.48 lakhs and for PGDM with foreign collaboration is 9.98 lakhs, whereas if someone pursue PGDM in Business Management with GMP (UK) he or she has to pay 10.98 Lakh as course fee.  

UBS program is geared towards business and practical learning that makes the course content so rich and creative that the students get ready in the process of completing their education for the corporate world. We can assume that UBS has realized the business world is growing at a heavenly rocket rate, which is why the college has provided students with the best tools to make things much easier after graduation.

The faculty of UBS is extremely experienced and industry oriented, available most of time to coach and monitor the students and provide the best. Most of the faculties of this institute had years of experience in the industry and have understood the fact to its depth that education is not only about theory, it is more about practicing.

Universal Business School Placements

Universal Business School Placements

We have seen how the ranking of the institute attracts students from all over the country and Universal Business School Placements play a vital role in this scenario, where students get employability score within the course duration and determine the ability before they appear for the process.  Some of the top notch companies rely on this very institution to get their future managers, Global Vision, United Stock Exchange, IDBI Federal, Foremost Systems, Kotak Life Insurance to name a few.

There are these unique mentor mentee sessions at UBS, as well as various clubs such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility etc) that help the students overall develop.

Amazing environment, exceptional facilities achieved with top-notch faculty make life here fantastic. A great exposure forum for one’s talent and it beautifully grooms people in the corporate world. Its infrastructure is state-of – the-art and students get the college corporate exposure, all credit goes to the college-run ELC Company the 1st company in the world that is run by its students. The facilities at the hostel are so good like well furnished rooms with a.c. The fees are might be high but worthy for the quality of the education they provide.

As we know that USB is one of the top rated institutions in the country for management studies. It is strategically located in the lap of nature where you will surely find harmony and a good academic ambience.

The Institute has a rich section of alumni and faculties that has praised the school for its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that happens throughout the year. They have given positive reviews for getting involved with this wonderful institution.

The Universal Business School Review states the differentiating factor that its students have enough opportunities to build their own brand value. Such resources include training assignments that help students develop in-depth knowledge and appreciate an organization’s culture; CSR events that help a student stay grounded, and recognize social opportunities / requirements. There is also an incentive for students at Universal Business School to work with seasoned professors, write research papers and publish them. These opportunities help UBS students stand out from the MBAs.

Talking about the university infrastructure, the College is well built, and is surrounded by a greenery all around and range of waterfalls that further enhance its beauty. You will be able to witness the positivity and greenery vibes at one go. The architecture is very special where it uses 70 percent natural light to power the appliances which are one of those positive initiatives, where only a few institutions try and maintain. This is one of the many reasons why UBS is named the 1st green B -School. College is completely air-conditioned and you get 24* 7 Wi-Fi facilities. Even the classrooms are built with the latest state of art expertise to suffice every need. The College provides Gymnasium, a Study room, indoor sports and other facilities to groom a student overall.

The Universal Business School Admissions engrossed in offering full-time and part-time Under Graduate and Post graduate programs in management along with Executive Management Development programs. For which a candidate needs to clear graduation and a valid score in CAT, CMAT, GMAT or CET exams.

Apart from the PG level course, the institute also provides credential level courses which include Six Sigma Certification, International Buddy Program, United Nations Global Certification, Digital Marketing and Supply Chain Certification. Every candidate who is willing to get admission should fill out the online application form available on the official website of the College Application Fee: Application Form will be processed upon receipt of INR 1500.

The Universal Business School Courses include, AICTE approved PGDM and AICTE PGDM + GMP program to the candidates.

The Administrative Leader Program of UBS is a 15-month-long program focused on Experiential Learning with 80 per cent hand-on practical learning. The program that continues for 15 months is an accelerated program.

For executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Exec.PGDM) student needs to have a minimum 5 years of work experience. This is a 15-month-long program of 80 per cent hand-on practical learning focused on experiential learning. The 15-month program is a rigorous accelerated program that offers advanced topics in management that drive students in organizations to mid- to senior levels. This course is approved by AICTE.

One of the most important things of considering admission in any b-school is its faculty culture. When there’s no good faculty in class, nothing matters at all. At UBS, all the faculties are corporate veterans and provide with the realistic scenarios which in turn leave the students with a few good corporate insights.

The Universal Business School Scholarship facilities can be availed by meritorious students who have 90% and above in their class 10, amounting to 50,000 INR and those who have scored more than 80% in their class 12, amounting to 100,000 INR. Under the special scholarship program Women Applicants or Children of Armed Forces or Students belonging to North East, J & K, and Kerala can avail scholarship up to 50,000INR.

To accommodate its students those who come from every corner of the countryUniversal business School Hostel facilities has been very handy. The institute offers both single sharing and double sharing rooms for its students. The charges are 2,340,00 INR and 1,78,000 INR per annum respectively. A charge of 30,000 INR needs to be deposited initially as security fee.

So if you are looking forward to start career in management or know someone who is keen to join b-school, you can now have some ideas on what are the factors that needs to be considered while selecting an Institute. If you consider USB as one of your preferred b-school, you can take some idea from this blog. At any point of time you can visit the campus to get a visual experience, the Universal business school Address states that it is located in Gaurkamat, Vadap, Kushivili in Maharashtra district

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