BBA Colleges in Bangalore

BBA colleges in Bangalore have had an innate appeal to the majority of the student populous especially since the last couple of years. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is a course that has gained tremendous popularity among the youth due to the kind of career prospects that it opens up for students. Ever since the economic liberalization of the country in 1991 the economy has been booming at an unprecedented rate which has created numerous job opportunities. These opportunities have created a demand for professionals in the business administrative and managerial roles. As the IT boom in the country brought in fresh investments year after year the demand for BBA graduates was on the rise. Bangalore became the epicenter of IT development in India commanding the largest chunk of IT investments in the country. The Best BBA colleges in Bangalore are among the best in the country as well.

The BBA programme is a three year course with a strong emphasis on the following subjects:

  • Management Accounting
  • Management Concepts and Practices
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Business Organization
  • Business Environment
  • Business Communication

BBA gives students a good understanding of the business world and essentially builds a very strong foundation that can aid them as their career progresses. Candidates who have secured their BBA degrees from reputed establishments have a very strong chance at getting into great MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programmes as well. The MBA programme is usually a two year specialization that can open up a number of opportunities for its takes. Completing your BBA before going for an MBA is still considered a very solid career path by most people in the industry.

Below is given a list of the Top BBA colleges in Bangalore:

The colleges given above are some of the finest not just in Bangalore but in India as well. These institutes command a great deal of respect among the students and industry. Bangalore is one of those metro cities in India that seems to be getting a bulk of applications in the school of business segment. Since the fast paced expansion of the city due to the IT boom a number of job opportunities have opened for graduates. The job market is extremely good with some of the best salaries offered anywhere in India. Professionals with a career exposure in Bangalore have a great number of opportunities waiting for them elsewhere in the country.

BBM Colleges in Bangalore tend to fall in the same category as many perceive the BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) course to be an equal to BBA. Again this course has the same duration of three years as the later. Some establishments do not subject these courses to a great deal of scrutiny as the courses encompass more or less the same subjects. That being said the BBA programme is far more popular than BBM. St.Hopkins Group of Institution, Universal College and Goutham College are some of the colleges that specialize in providing the BBM course. One can understand that the terms BBM and BBA have quite often been used interchangeably over the years.

BBA Admissions in Bangalore is no easy task with hundreds of thousands of applicants each year it is highly competitive. The best students in the country aim for BBA colleges in the city of Bangalore. A large number of high value companies like Infosys, IBM, Deloitte, Amazon, Wipro, KPMG, Bosch and Accenture among others have operations here in Bangalore. Since these corporate houses form the gateway to international trade and corporate relations students know that the experience in these firms can rival the experience gained anywhere else in the world. The career prospects in Bangalore are just unheard of anywhere else in the country.

BBA Colleges Ranking in India would obviously see the National level colleges like IIMs taking the center stage when it comes to recognition but private colleges too have made it big in recent years. Many B schools have very strong ties with international universities and have collaborations and tie ups that have added greatly the quality of education. Students understand the importance of international exposure when it comes to taking up management courses and hence a number of private B Schools have come to employ flexible programmes that would enable students to complete a portion of their course on foreign soil. This has gained a great deal of traction over the years as students do not have to worry too much about the fees as the BBA course fees for such programmes have come down considerably.

That being said the usual local campus course is equally good due to the great level of expertise of the management and teaching staff here. These colleges have competent lecturers who are highly qualified and have a significant amount of industrial experience added to their resumes. The core of Bangalore’s success as a go to destination for BBA is in large due to the strong ties that industry and academia have maintained. Recruiters know what to expect from BBA graduates from the best colleges in Bangalore and they never disappoint in terms of quality or any other aspect.

BBA Admissions have been on the rise lately. Private institutes stick to a standard admissions procedure although this kind of varies a bit here and there from institute to institute. That being said generally the applicants are required to fulfill the allocated eligibility criteria.

  • Students from all backgrounds including science, arts or commerce can apply for the programme as there are no restrictions in this regard.
  • Although students are required to have completed their 12th or plus two from a recognized and accepted board of education.
  • Some colleges have their own entrance tests that students are required to clear before joining.
  • They also conduct group discussions where an evaluation of the candidate is done.
  • Finally there could be a final round of personal interview before the selection process ends.
Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore

BBA Bangalore colleges do not compulsorily follow the things listed above but these things are something applicants can be asked to fulfil when applying to some of the best colleges. There is relaxation in marks required for students who fall in the backward classes and they are also provided with special seats as per the rules set by the Government of India.

Usually what is observed is that the screening process becomes kind of difficult when getting into the best colleges, which is quite justifiable due to the level of competition there. Generally one can understand that the placements in these institutes are something that is quite impressive making it a big reason for the high application rates.

BBA Colleges Ranking has been given below according to the India Today 2019 rankings report:

Bangalore Rank India Rank College Name
1 3 Christ University
2 6 Presidency College
3 8 Mount Carmel College
4 11 IFIM College
5 20 CMS, Jain University
6 21 Kristu Jayanti College
7 25 RCASC (MS Ramaiah)
8 43 TOCBM (Oxford College)
9 44 Surana College UG
10 45 SJC Bangalore

The above mentioned colleges have been given in the order of ranking which can help potential applicants make informed decisions when joining the best colleges in Bangalore for BBA. Although college ranks keep changing frequently it is hard to find changes in the list of top colleges as there is considerable consistency in this order. Colleges like Christ University are known to be among the oldest institutions for education in the country. Again the top level institutes have delivered some of the best graduates that the industry has ever seen which is again reflected in the number of companies that visit these campuses.

Placements After BBA is a big driving force among students and it dictates their choice of college. A good college in their minds is one that is reputed, delivers high quality education with all the relevant infrastructure and has a very strong past placement record.

Some of the biggest names that recruit from these institutes include but are not limited to:

  • Practo
  • MoneyTap
  • ITC Foods
  • Chaipoint
  • MTR
  • Schlumberger
  • Axxela
  • Bain Capability Network
  • Citigroup
  • Aspire Systems
  • HP
  • GajraPai& Zhu
  • Odessa
  • Radisys
  • DE Shaw & Co.
  • Infosys
  • ZS Associates
  • BetterPlace
  • Mavenhive
  • Swiss Re
  • Vedanta
  • SE2
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Darwin Box
  • Kristal AI
  • Tresvista
  • Impelsys
  • Verity
  • Dell
  • SysCloudInc
  • Arcesium
  • KAS Services
  • Cerner
  • HPe
  • Sailax AI

BBA fees at the top private colleges in Bangalore may be slightly on the higher end of the scale but is no way unacceptable. The biggest advantage to studying at these institutes is its high placement record. Students towards the end of their programmes have a much higher chance of getting placed into some of the best corporations nationally and internationally. They offer some of the best career prospects and the best salaries in the industry. Plotting the returns that students stand to make by way of salaries indicate that the BBA course fee is in no way expensive. This is a very big factor in deciding the kind of colleges that students generally target to pursue their BBA programme.

Some BBA Colleges in Bangalore With Fees have been given below (BBA / BBM programmes):

College/University Duration(Years) Fees/Year
Christ University 3 1,65,000
Presidency College 3 1,26,000
IFIM College 3 1,50,000
CMS, Jain University 3 2,15,000
Kristu Jayanti College 3 80,000

As can be seen the fee for BBA programmes keeps changing from institute to institute. These colleges offer seats in open as well as reserved categories. For students that find it hard to keep up with fee payment scholarship programmes are also given. Government scholarships are also given to those students who fall under the reserved category as per the rules of the Government. Performance based scholarships are also provided for students to encourage their academic and overall development. Students can also avail education loans to fund their education which can be paid off according to the flexible terms given in the policy. This generally varies from bank to bank.

BBA Course Details:

The duration for a BBA programmeis 3 years being classified as  a professional undergraduate course. The course is open to students coming from all backgrounds; Arts, Science or Commerce.

The course is intended to mold students to become skilled professionals in the world of business with leadership and managerial skills. This is a great course for students who wish to start their own business.

BBA is a programme that can be done full time or part time depending on the offer put up by colleges.

BBA has a number of specializations to choose from like:

  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance

BBA Placements have been good over the past decade as the need for highly skilled managers have improved. The roles served by these graduates usually involve tasks that require good business sense. Generally the average starting salary of a BBA graduate from an average institute is about Rs 3 LPA and this improves considerably as one moves to top ranking institutes in Bangalore.

Many firms in the country consider Bangalore as the best place to recruit BBA graduates. This is due to the strong quality standards and the high tech up-to-datedness of graduates. Bangalore is considered a breeding ground for startups and almost all fortune 500 firms have a significant presence in the IT city.

Over the years as India starts expanding further into the manufacturing domain businesses will need access to some of the best talents in the country. Business and commerce are the backbone of any economy and a BBA programme can help you better serve your country and secure your future at the same time. There is more to the Indian growth story that will unfold in times to come.

Want to know more about BBA Course Information or how to get into those top tire institutes? Contact IESOnine. We would love to help and guide you to get the best possible course at the best institutes in the country. For years IES has helped thousands of aspiring candidates get their future secured… Share your thoughts on doing BBA from Bangalore in the comment section below.

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