It’s a smooth ride.

From kindergarten till your 10th std, with your parents deciding which school you need to study in, picking you up and dropping you  and generally having your back.

But once you cross this stage, your undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees can seem like a chaotic and bewildering maze if you don’t navigate your path carefully and make well thought out, proper selection of both the college and the educational domain.

Here’s a list of the top 10 qualities of a good college you should look out for, before deciding to enroll there.

  1. Panorama of Courses & engaging curriculum: Does the college have a robust course offering as well as training on additional skills you could enroll for? With the cut throat competition in the outside world, it is no longer enough if you just leave with a degree in hand, you need to have sound communication, technology as well as people skills. A good college will ensure that you are skilled on all of the above before you graduate.
  2. Clubs, wellness, Support Facilities available: Whether it is good internet bandwidth , counseling, medical, banking or other services, you will need one or all at different points of your college life. Make sure that the college offers them all and have them at your disposal when you need them.
  3. Faculty: student ratio: This may not seem like a deal breaker in the beginning but when you need one- to – one advice on projects or additional help with difficult course content and the faculty is unavailable it might set you back in your pursuit of academic accomplishment.
  4. Internship opportunities: Mere theoretical knowledge will not suffice. You need internship opportunities to apply them in real life too. A college which offers these as well as part time work openings are the best bets.
  5. Community service programs: College cannot be a kind of a “bubble” that isolates you from the outside world. On the other hand, it should be a bridge that connects you to the community at large and helps you develop into an aware, socially conscious citizen aware of his rights as well as duties. So whether it is a blood donation camp, cleanliness or literacy driven programs the college should have several such community driven programs.
  6. Entertainment hotspots:  Yu cannot be studying all the time. Or working. Like any other normal young person you would need a night out with friends, or to catch a movie, go shopping or just have a nice meal. How far is the college located form the heart of the town? Are there malls, coffee shops, cinemas nearby? Find out before you enroll.
  7. Alumni network:  A thriving, successful, robust alumni network is the best word of mouth publicity to vouch for the college’s reputation. Get in touch with them on social media; get a few perspectives and feedback pointers before you decide.
  8. Financial aid/ student loan / scholarship programs:  Not all parents can afford to pay college fees at one shot without external support. If your parents belong to this category, find out well in advance about the financial assistance, student loans as well as scholarship programs available in the college.
  9. Campus diversity and safety:  A college campus is the best place to meet young students like yourself from different parts of the world and learn about different cultures. At the same time, it should have enough safety measures in place to ensure your physical, emotional well being at all times.
  10. Career support, placement track record: Your parents are putting you through college to ensure you further your academic credentials to build a successful and thriving career. The placement track record and career support services offered give you an exact insight into how far the college can advance your career opportunities.

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