12 easy ways to beat those entrance exams blues

You may be a fount of information. But until and unless you learn how to present it in a high pressure entrance exam environment, you would still fail to crack you way into the top colleges in town. Here are a few tricks to help you prepare for those tricky entrance exams. Study in the […]

Top 10 qualities of a good college you should look for

It’s a smooth ride. From kindergarten till your 10th std, with your parents deciding which school you need to study in, picking you up and dropping you  and generally having your back. But once you cross this stage, your undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees can seem like a chaotic and bewildering maze if you don’t […]

Why Self-Confidence Is More Important Than You Think

Self confidence is the ability of saying “I can” instead of “I can’t”. Now this skill is increasingly important in today’s world and here’s why. Helps you handle rejection better: Whether it’s a rejection letter from that job you didn’t get or a relationship gone sour; you handle it all with a calm self confidence […]

15 Survival Hacks Every College Fresher Needs to Know

Are you a college fresher?  Then here are a few survival hacks for you. Upgrade your wardrobe: While you don’t need to look like you walked out of Karana Johar’s set, you would certainly need to invest in a good wardrobe with several mix and match pieces. Fill up your backpack: Whether it’s notepads, reference […]

One Hour of Video Gaming Can Increase the Brain’s Ability to Focus

The world tells you that video gaming and constantly looking at the screen  is bad for your eyes and brain. But guess what? A new research conducted by the University of Arkansas, has shown that just one hour of video gaming can increase the brain’s ability to focus. Published in the journal, Frontiers in Human […]

How does Career Counseling Helps with Career Development?

Have you finished your 10th std and are clueless which course to pursue next even though you have hordes of screaming relatives, friends, and well wishers doling advice down your throat? Or have you finished your 12th grade and don’t know which stream- arts, humanities, engineering, medicine to pursue or which entrance exam to write […]

10 Effective ways to improve your Concentration level on Education!

You have a ton of studying to do, yet can’t seem to hit the books. Exams are right around the corner.  Your study timetable is all ready, your worried parents check on you each minute of the day, yet your mind remains a complete blank. Ever felt like this? Trying to figure out ways to […]

Be Language Confident! Get Rid of These Common Grammatical Errors Now

Be Language Confident! Get Rid of These Common Grammatical Errors Now Are you afraid to speak English because you aren’t confident about the correct usage grammar? Here are some tips to fix those common grammatical errors to make you language confident! 1. Me/ Myself/I : NEVER introduce yourself to someone as “Myself Kiran, BE graduate […]

10 Tricks to Reduce Your Stress and Make Your College Life Smooth

College life is an exciting, fun filled journey which also brings with it huge amounts of stress. Here are 10 tricks to beat that stress and enjoy a smooth ride of college life. Sleep!  If you plan to stay out till 4am and then attend a 9am class you are doing your body an injustice. […]

7 Types of Students You Come Across on Result Day

Coe result day, and your will see a plethora of faces on campus; some joyful, some sad some I-can’t- believe my luck types and others just plain relived. So here are 7 types of students you come across on result day. The happy backbenchers: They spent the best years of college life chatting, eating, cracking […]