What comes to your mind when you come across the word Master of Business Administration? If you are like me when I was an MBA aspirant then my friend, you are in deep water. You might have no idea where you are going into. You may just have a rough sketch where you see corporate personnel in suits in aluxurious lounge, discussing strategies and checking slides on a projector. Does it seem familiar?

If yes, then you should start your research right now. My aim through this blog is to educate you to better understand the steps to ensure that you choose the right management college and why I have opted to go for MS Ramaiah Institute of Management as one of the most trustworthy and prominent institution.

When it comes to choosing a good MBA institute, one word comes to mind –“chaos”. As in the case of high schools and undergraduate colleges, there is no clear standard or process set by the government.

Now adding to this severely overcrowded cluster, thereare a number of B-schools in India that tend to crop up every year. There are also political interests at play, as there are numerous magazines and newspaper articles with statistics, figures and advice which showcaseconfusing and often out-of-date data. So, when selecting a Management Institute in India, you need to be extra careful and primarily focus on a couple of criteria’sthat will help you find the right institution. Just make sure that you stick to them, and you are heading in the correct streamlined path.

First of all, you need to checkweather that the institute is duly registered and the certificate that you are going to obtain at the end of the course is nationally recognized. So I can see that AICTE, New Delhi recognizes and accepts MSRIM. The program is continuously developed and updated by the curriculum assessment cell composed which is comprises of highly qualified practitioners from different sectors of the industry. So in terms of accreditation, the Institute is recognized and trustworthy.

Now the next question is how good is this institute in terms of curricular work and grooming you for industry.

Also known as the Postgraduate Center for Management Studies and Research,the Institution provides education in various management disciplines. The programs of the Institute are explicitly designed to prepare you to become potential administrators with ease in a multi-disciplinary work environment addressing and exceling in the most complex of tasks.

After going through the above information if you have a genuine interestinthis institute, let’s move towards the next step…. And discuss what the course fee is shall we?

How dearly will it cost you?

You already know that management studies are expensive, everywhere, so if you have decided to get into this course you must have already plan out a minimum budget for your degree. Let’s see If MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Fee Structure meets your budget estimations/expectations or not.

The total fee is 7, 00,000 INR, which is divided into 3 parts, the first is the registration fee which is 50,000 INR that you need to pay at the time of admission. The next two parts are yearly fees of 3, 25,000 INR for 2 years of your management course. But this excludes other fees like administrative charges, examination charges, library, laboratory fees, trip charges, etc.  You can avail installment option to meet the expenditure, the college also has a loan option. You can also avail the scholarship facility if you have performed extra-ordinarily in your academics and extra-curricular activities. 

The MS Ramaiah MBA Fees have been designed after taking into consideration generic student convenience and contemporary standard of our industry scenario. The administrative department takes full responsibility in helping you understand the fee structure.

Now, if you are convinced on why to join this institute, let us now see how to join this institute?

Getting into MS Ramaiah Institute of Management

Just like any other top class business institute in India, MS Ramaiah Institute of Management also value your CAT, GMAT, XAT, and various other management aptitude scores. The institute reviews your past academic performance and prompts you to sit for their own Comprehensive Ability test followed by Group discussion and Personal Interview.

If you have the ability to work in a team, have an inherent corporate decision making though process and an additional educational qualification, you will most definitely get preference in the MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Admission.

One of the core reasons’(at least for me) to get into this institute is its intricate library infrastructure. You will be interested to know that the Institution has a huge library with an extensive collection of books from around the world on different management issues and other related topics; it also housesEBSCO, J-Gate, and other repositories online. It has over 10,000 books on various topics related to management. The Institute also subscribes to 50 newspapers including several Foreign Journals.

Before you make your final decision of whether to be admitted in the college or not, I personally recommend you to check the current stature of this institute. Do your research to check the ranks and its reputation amongst other renowned intuitions.

How good is this institute when compared to others? The ranking factors

I have prepared some of the ranks awarded by top centers of India to this collage. The MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Ranking has highly influenced and impressed me personally in several factors, namely the Institute has been ranked as an “A+” category management institution by Business India in its latest survey of top B-Schools in India. The M.S. Ramaiah Management Institute was founded in 1995 by the Gokula Education Foundation (GEF), which the All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) duly approved and recognized as such.

Top business magazine “Outlook” ranked the institute 55th in its 2016 B-School survey and listed it among the top 75 business schools in India so as “Business Today” rated the institute among India’s Top 125 B-Schools.

Next, MBA Universe has allocated 62nd location among the country’s B-Schools. The money marker journal such as the publication Dalal Street ranked the institute among the country’s top 100 business schools.

The ranking factors plays an important role in choosing an institute and when you see organizations and governing bodies ranked a particular institute highly you gain more trust and satisfaction. And here in MS Ramaiah institute, you can see that some of the top notch companies and corporate bodies have recognized this particular institute.

Now let us consider the courses offered by MS Ramaiah Institute

What you get to learn in Ramaiah Institute of Management ?

Over the years, Ramaiah Institute of Management has developed itself as one of the country’s leading business schools.  Located in the country’s educational hub, Bengaluru, the institute offers you top-notch management education and produces professional trained graduates on a yearly basis. A highly motivated faculty team, committed students, excellent pedagogical approach coupled with advanced facilities and technology make RIM one of the country’s most esteemed and sought after management schools. 

The goal was to provide vision-driven thought leaders to the nation for a new, globally competent India and as of now it has seen steady success in its path.

To get you industry ready, RIM has a series of PGDM course that you can choose. As per one of the alumni of RIM, “The College is pretty firm about balancing the course curriculum structure between bookish knowledge and practical knowledge. RIM used to take presentation each day for each and every subject. By examining the fact how much information a student obtains from it, or at what rate the overall communication skills are developing.

The MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Courses includes Foundations in Management & Organizational Behavior, Legal Environment of Business, Accounting for Managers, Managerial Economics, Business Analytics, Basic Business Mathematics, Information Technology for Business, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, human resource management and a multitude of other exciting courses to get you hyped!

So what is your return on investment post getting admission after cracking some of the most grueling exams in the country and studying industry oriented courses…where will you actually land? Yes! I am talking about the placement… The real bargain you did while taking admission…

Your return on Investment

This is what I used to see when I was an aspirant; it helped me to understand how to judge a particular institute from a financial perspective.

As per the declaration from RIM, it has a well-established placement cell that has protracted its network among various corporate offices and MNCs over the years, leveraged to accomplish your purpose they have achieved nearly 100 percent placements for over a decade.

The Institute will also provide you with capacity development and employability through a comprehensive curriculum incorporated in the framework established by their experienced training partners. The consistency of the curricular inputs and training provided has ensured that year after year the average pay package has steadily increased. The Institute organizes regular personality development programs to make you understand and nurture your ability to the fullest extent.

The MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Placements has been robust in attracting top MNCs and corporate in their institute. Companies like Amazon, ITC, HSBC, Godrej, Bosch, Deloitte, Future Group are regular in conducting interviews.

The average pay package range is between 6.92 lakh to 10.38 lakh per annum and the highest pay package in recent time was 17.3 lakhs per annum. So you can see that somewhere you will be getting your returns even if you are able to crack the mid-level pay package. 

Now that we have covered almost every points that we normally look for in an Institute we can take time to see what the alumni and faculties had said about Rim.

There is very common proverb that goes like when a thief escapes, wisdom increases,so don’t be that guy and do as much research as you can before you step inside.

Through the alumni’s eye…

Apart from the placement assistance, help from the faculties, what more do the institute offers?

The best people to give honest feedback are the former students. You can track them through the college’s alumni associations, or social media groups. Most are supportive and will give you an honest account of their college experiences. You can also inquire about, among other items, placements, employment, faculty and starting salaries.

Just like any top class B-school in the country, the Institute offers you the latest state of art facilitates like Wi-Fi campus, Classrooms with LCD Projectors and Audio Visual Systems, Conference Halls, Computer Center with 120 Systems, Sports Complex, Health Club and Canteen to ensure that the students have access to a convenient infrastructure.

There are various forums where you can see how the alumnus had a good experience in their 2 years stay in RIM and that can be seen in their every MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Review

Just like me there are many of you who do take support of the reviews to judge a college or company. It is common to see the negative one first. Right? But what I over served is that surprisingly, Ramaiah institute of management does not have any such negative reviews that I can take into consideration.

Now it’s your turn to start filtering your choice of institute and compare it with RIM. Do you need any other information? I can understand that the big question is where to go? With nearly 1000 schools (as per Wikipedia) out there to choose from, the prospect may seem overwhelming and many -waver at this very first move. This post is an attempt to put some structure into this obvious folly, and to get you off on a firmer ground. But if you think I need to address more points and issues, let me know those categories and I will give you an enhanced report.

At the end of the day it’s your career and you are the best person to take the decision, so do not just blindly go by whatever you read or hear, have your take on the institution of your choice and ask yourself, “What else do I need to know?

I’m really looking forward to your feedback and queries… but until then happy hunting. If you find this information, please do not forget to share on the social media

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