Are your past failures stopping you from giving your best?  Dismayed with things that don’t go your way?

Well! Before getting into the actual discussion, let me tell you a small story.

There was a man who had lost his father when he was young. Even before he could recover from the loss, he was forced to stay away from his mother. By the time he hit 17 years, he had already lost 4 jobs. His poor marital relationship made his life even more miserable. He somehow managed to get himself a job of a cook in a highway restaurant where he prepared chicken meals to please his guests.

For more than 20 years, he experimented multiple recipes and mastered the art of making delicious fried chickens. But ill-fate took over him once again. His restaurant was removed for the sake of high-way expansion and he was left with nothing but his chicken recipes and a small social security. He was heartbroken. At the same time, he was too stubborn to give up on his dreams. He decided to sell his art of cooking chicken. He approached a lot of restaurateurs with his recipe and promised them to generate an increase in sales. But none of them agreed.

Once again, he was too strong to be disheartened. He innovated effective ways to sell his idea. One fine day, he succeeded. Can you guess the number of “NOs” he faced before getting a single “YES”?

It’s 1009. Yes, you read it right!

At the age of 74, he had 600 franchises selling his trademark chicken recipe. By now, you must have guessed about whom I’ve been discussing. It is Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The crispy golden fried chicken that you have been relishing in your favorite outlet is the outcome of Mr. Sanders’ unyielding hard work.

The story is self-explanatory. It is never too late to succeed in life. Successful are not those who never failed but are those who never gave up despite the struggle.

I know, it’s pretty easy to be said than done. Taking multiple attempts to crack your goals can be expensive in more ways than one. But the good news is, you can definitely fix your past errors to perform better in your second attempt.

Here are five simple ways to help you learn from your past mistakes

Take the blame

Charging someone else for your failures is not going to help you anymore. I understand that it’s difficult to take the complete responsibility for your mistakes. Unfortunately, until you admit, “I’ve gone wrong”, you are not going to progress

Ask yourself

While it is not ok to lament over the spilt milk, analyzing them can definitely be productive. Question yourself to discover what went wrong. Pen down the answers to your questions with utmost sincerity. Once you find the errors, it is half job done.

Plan well

Just blaming yourself for your failures won’t help you to overcome them. Spend enough time thinking about fixing the issues that betrayed you last time. Sketching a plan will make you avoid mistakes.

Take appropriate advice

Being vigilant of what is happening around you can reduce your labor. A good source of guidance would give a different perspective about success. But beware! What works for one person may not work for you. Apply your intuition in response to multiple opinions.

Develop self-discipline

Self-discipline is similar to a muscle. You need to resist gratification and take up a healthier option to get stronger.

I’ve got a simple tip to help you stick on to your regimen.

Imagine that you’re aspiring to crack a tough examination. Create a list of the outcomes that you would get by clearing it. Keep that within your reach and take a peek at it whenever you are disheartened. This habit will not let you deviate from your plans and will force you to stay disciplined. 

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. A misplaced step is very often a stepping stone to reach your destination. This may appear clichéd but it is absolutely true!

Hope you’ve got a good dosage of tranquilizer to get rid of the fear of failure.

Here is the final reminder!

Life is full of unprecedented surprises. For anything that happened in your life, you just need to see the good in it. Have faith. Make it stronger than your fears and never be afraid to fail. If you take another calculated step, failure will just be your success’ predecessor.

So does this story inspire you to not give up and work towards your future. Please feel free to share. Please feel free to share some of your greatest challenges !!!

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