Exam demons

 These are the ones that haunt many of us not only before, during the exams but even after they are done, when result dates draw near.

Guess what?  You don’t need to fear them anymore and here’s how you can do it.

Avoid postmortems. You walk out of the exam hall, when your class mates/ friends corner you and discuss the answers. You break out into a a sweat as you realize you never wrote those answers. Solution? Avoid dissecting papers. You have done what you can, to the best of your ability and handed over the paper. Nothing further can now be done. So stay calm.

Visit friends.  Preferably, someone who has NOT written the same exam, to avoid getting into the same futile discussion. Speak about something else. Let go of your stress and refresh your mind.

Let go. It is pointless to go over the paper in your mind over and over again. Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, what if you fail. You could write the exam ll over again. Correct your mistakes, treat it as a learning experience. What if scoreless marks? Improve your written skills. Prepare well the next time round.

Reward yourself. When you have truly given it your 100%, you now have the right to sit back and reward yourself. Grab a cold coffee at the nearest bistro with friends. Catch that latest movie in town. Go on a small shopping spree.

Avoid coffees and teas before the result day. All coffees and teas have strong stimulants like nictone which can keep you awake all night , leaving with you with a pounding head, sleepless eyes and palpitating heart on the next day.

Log off social media. It has truly become a rate race on social media where parents parade the results of their wards. Those scoring lesser are treated with contempt and somehow made to feel inadequate. Stay out of this trap and avoid following all discussions on social media. It is humanly impossible for all children to be toppers or score centums and at the same time, there are no rules which say that a child who has scored lesser marks or failed will not be able to build a bright future.

Exercise. Walk. Jog. Play a game of tennis or a round of carom. It will keep you mentally engaged and the physical exercise will boost up endomorphins which will up the happiness quotient in your body and cut into worrying.

Get a massage. After endless hours of studying, get rid of the crick in the neck, the back pain, tired eyes with a full body massage to relax your body and mind. You could even consider the ancient system of acupuncture.

Eat nutritious food.  Fresh fruit and vegetable salads. Crisp rotis with dry vegetables. Lots of water, buttermilk, cool juices will all refresh you. Cut down on rice, pizzas, burgers which can make you feel tired and less able to cope with the tension.

Breathe deeply, several times. What appears like the end of the world hardly is. Just a mere bend on the road. Keep your chin up, spirits high, breathe deeply and go face the world.

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