Have you finished your 10th std and are clueless which course to pursue next even though you have hordes of screaming relatives, friends, and well wishers doling advice down your throat? Or have you finished your 12th grade and don’t know which stream- arts, humanities, engineering, medicine to pursue or which entrance exam to write or which college to approach for admission?

This is where career counseling steps in. Firstly, it helps you to identify the stream best suited to your interests and capabilities, then the subject combinations. Secondly to help finalize your graduation, post graduation and career options. What one should bear in mind is the fact that there are a number of factors that influence career development including an individual’s interests, abilities, values, personality, background, circumstances among others. Career counseling keeps all these factors in mind before providing guidance.

The importance of career counseling can be summed up as below:

  • Helps a student to understand self:  By conducting a variety of psychometric tests, career counseling helps a student to identify their needs and interests.
  • Make the right career choice:  Some students have clear career goals, other are torn between different career preferences and can’t make up their minds. Career counselors conduct regular aptitude tests and on the basis of these counseling results, students can select the right path to fulfill their career goals.
  • Set right expectations: Students may also have doubts about certain fields and career paths. Career counseling can give clear cut views of what they can expect from various educational courses and clear doubts about career opportunities.
  • Provide support & motivation: With a view to build long term success, a career counselor provides essential support and boosts the morale and improves the overall performance of a student.
  • Opens up new career vistas: Whether it’s a career in ethical hacking, astrophysics, bartending, aviation , online gaming or any untapped upcoming career opportunities and ways and means to gain an entry into them.
  • Skill enhancement tips:  for individuals who have lost jobs or want to switch careers into a new domain, career counseling provides advice on which educational and technology courses to enroll to upgrade their skills and apply for these opportunities.
  • Information on ideal courses in India & abroad: Career counseling provides the best information on ideal courses and colleges both in India and abroad. As studying abroad implies incurring substantial expenses, receiving expert career advice before you embark on the journey , helps you make the right choices.
  • Step by step career mapping: A career counselor helps to chart your career, one step at a time thereby assisting you in achieving your career goals that much faster.
  • Change unwanted behavior patterns: A career counselor can help identify and break destructive & unproductive behavioral patterns such as procrastinating, not updating oneself on latest strides in technology, neglecting emotional & physical health etc.
  • Helps vent career related frustration: Choosing the right career path can be a frustrating experience for both parents and children. Career counseling provides a platform where such frustrations can be proactively addressed & focus redirected to selecting the right career option.
  • Connects them to real life role models:  Career counseling helps students connect with role models who have accomplished much in their lives.
  • Brings focus and organization: Counseling helps bring focus and through scheduling & planning can make an individual’s life more organized.

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