We often get confused before making any decision. We always bear the fear of taking the wrong decision.

And, when it comes to our education and career, we always in dilemma of what to do and what not to do and, what to think and what not to think.

We come across many things and, look for logical answers to organize our mind.

Let’s assume, you have just completed your 12th level and planning to join a good engineering college in Bangalore. At one point in your search, you may find yourself looking for the answer to the question, ‘What is the actual difference between BMSCE and RVCE?’. This blog is entirely devoted to answering your question.

In this path, firstly we need to know a bit of both of the concerned colleges.

RV College of Engineering Bangalore:

Managed by the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST), established in 1963, surrounded by 52 acres of enormous campus, RV College of Engineering is one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in Bangalore.  It is also considered among the top 10 self-financed engineering colleges in India.

AICTE approval, NBA accreditation,, state-of-the-art infrastructure, educational excellence, responsible management- everything an engineering student looks for is present in the college. As an integral part of a trust and with a vision of ‘Excellence in Education and with social commitment’, the institution always has paid importance to differently able and marginalized section of the society.

BMS College of Engineering Bangalore:

Founded in 1946, run by BMS Educational Trust, affiliated by VTU, accredited by NAAC (Grade A), BMS College of Engineering is one of those first institutions in the country recognized by National Board of Accreditation (Tier 1). The Melton Founded of USA  has adopted the only institution from India, that is BMSCE. Late Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah established this institution with a vision of “promoting the prosperity of mankind by augmenting human resource capital through quality technical education and training”.

The authority has left no stone unturned to create a conducive environment of learning inside the college campus. BMSCE services are student-driven.  You will experience a perfect blend of academia, technological assistance and methodological innovation in this decade-old engineering institution.

Similarities of both colleges:

Before discussing differences, we need to understand the similarities of both of the colleges. It will help us to acquire a better understanding of their functions.

RV College Bangalore BMS Engineering College
RV College of Engineering Admission procedure is simple and organized.

•          A minimum aggregate of 45% marks in 10+2 level from any recognized board or council in India

•          Should have Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry / Biotechnology combo

•          Students need to appear on CET or COMED-K

•          Final selection decisions are taken by the Admission Office

BMS College of Engineering Admission almost follows the same rule and procedure maintained by RV. Though both the colleges have a different ideology, they strictly follow Karnataka educational norms for undergraduate technical courses.
RV College of Engineering Review displays a positive vibe for the college. Though alumni of both colleges have individualistic pride for their own college, you will hardly found negative reviews of these two engineering colleges in Bangalore. BMS college of Engineering Reviews is also full of happy experiences.

Excellent infrastructural facilities, enriched libraries, highly equipped classrooms, auditoriums, separate placement department, qualified and industry best faculty members- all are appreciated through the reviews given the alumni of the organization.

Both colleges are selective regarding their faculty members of the college. They apply the best procedures to identify the best facilitators in the industry. Faculty team is the pillar of both of the colleges.
Now…both of the colleges have earned awards and recognition from different critics and judges of the educational ecosystem. In this case, similarities lie in their similar kinds of achievements.


Differences between both colleges:

Now when you have gathered knowledge of the similarities, let us ponder on the actual differences between both pioneer colleges in Bangalore.

While studying differences, you need to understand one thing that these differences are not subjected to the devaluation of these colleges, These are specialties which makes them unique.

Knowing about these differences may help you to make the most appropriate career decision in your life.

RV College Bangalore BMS Engineering College
RV College of Engineering Courses renders 13 undergraduate and 19 postgraduate options.

In both colleges course curriculum are excellent. You hardly find any flaw in the material and the ways they have been designed.

But if you are thinking about Aeronautical Engineering, RV is your option. BMS doesn’t have this course.

BMS College of Engineering Courses offers 13 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate varieties.

Same way, if you are planning for Medical Electronics course, you need to go for BMS.

It is spread on the Vrishabhavati River banks, nearest to Jnanabharati railway station and the Bangalore City Railway Station. Basavangudi Area Bull Temple Road, just opposite to the famous Bull Temple is the location of the institution.
According to the RV College of Engineering Fees Structure, you have to pay Rs 5,26,700 for 4 years of undergraduate courses. BMS College of Engineering Fee Structure is a bit different from RV. There you need to pay 6.66 Lakhs for the B.E. courses.
In the case of,RV College of Engineering Placements  the average package is 8 LPA higher than BMS (6 LPA). BMS College of Engineering Placements offers ‘highest salary package’ opportunities up to 27 LPA, which is bigger than RV’s, 20 LPA.
RV College of Engineering Ranking as follows-

·         NIRF 2018 has identified them as the 15th best private engineering college in India

·         The 9th best private engineering institute in India according to Outlook Magazine 2018

BMS College of Engineering Ranking are as follows-

·         The 23rd best private engineering college in India as per NIRF 2018

·         The 9th best private engineering institute in India according to India Today 2017


Now, we have reached at the end of the blog.

You know more about both of the colleges now.

If you are confused about which college you should choose, you can directly contact IES Online, the best educational service provider in Karnataka and all over India.

Thank you for your attention.

Be calm and collective.

Take the right decision.

Best of luck…..

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