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MBA in Christ University is famous not just in Bangalore but all throughout India. The college offers some of the best management programmes among private institutes in India. Bangalore in general is a great host destination for B-School programmes in general. Being the Information Technology capital of India Bangalore has earned a strong reputation for itself in the global markets. The talent pool available in Bangalore cannot be compared to anything found anywhere else in the country. The city’s IT ecosystem is highly competitive and cost effective making it a highly sought after destination for running backend operations of a large number of Fortune 500 companies. Almost all large scale global corporations especially those in the fortune 500 list have a very strong presence in Bangalore.

The Christ University MBA programme is a highly recognized course with a number of takers. The university is among those establishments that receive thousands of applications each year for its programmes. Christ Uni is well known for the quality it delivers in all its programmes in general. It is one of the oldest private establishments in the country. The university’s alumni network is one of the most well networked and influential forces in any institute.

The courses offered at the university are handled by some of the best specialists in the industry. These faculties are known throughout India for their impeccable command over their field of study. They are both competent and highly skilled at imparting education to students following a holistic teaching process which is lacking in most institutes in India. This is what makes Christ University stand out of the lot.

Christ University Ranking is some of the best in the country. India Today has ranked the university at number three in the entire country according to its survey in 2019. Furthermore the university was the first one to be accredited by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) way back in 1998 in the state of Karnataka. Again in 2004 the university was given autonomy status by the University Grants Commission or the UGC. Then in 2008 it was declared as a ‘Deemed to be University’ by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The university is well managed under a trust that oversees its development. The college has made it its priority to spend heavily on infrastructure that would directly benefit the student community. The college has state of the art facilities like laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, recreational and sports areas etc.

Christ University MBA admission

Christ University MBA Admission:

Admissions into the MBA programme at Christ University are quite fierce. Every year thousands of applicants from different parts of the country try their luck at getting into this prestigious institute but sadly only a handful of applicants ever make it to the campus. The college follows a very strict process of selection that is in line with the rules and regulations set by the Government of India. Admissions into the different programmes are based on quotas. Apart from the general and management quotas the backward sections have also been given special reservations as per the GOI rules. Although the college falls under Christ management the institute has been praised for its secular approach in everything related to education and governance.

Christ University MBA Eligibility Criteria:

If one plans to apply to Christ University for their MBA programme then there are a couple of eligibility criteria that you will have to clear.

  • Students have to achieve a composite score of 500 or above for the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) that is carried out by AIMA in either December 2019 or in September 2019 or in February 2020.


  • The candidate would have to achieve a composite score of 450 or above in GMAT 2020 / 2019


  • The candidate needs to score 295 or above in GRE 2020 / 2019


  • The applicant should have secured 60 Percentile or above in the CMAT 2020 (Common Management Admission Test)


  • The candidate needs to secure 60 Percentile or above in CAT (Common Admission Test) 2019, put up by the IIMs Indian Institutes of Management


  • The candidate becomes eligible upon securing 60 Percentile or above in the (XAT) Xavier Aptitude Test 2020


  • The applicant needs to secure 60 Percentile or above in ATMA (Association of Indian Management Schools Test) 2020.
  • The candidate is also required to have one year work experience (full time or in the running of a family business (considered)) for applications to the Dual Degree MBA (CU) + MBA, (FHWS, Germany) course (This is MANDATORY).


  • Applicants are also required to secure 50% or above in aggregate in their respective undergraduate programmes. Those Applicants who are currently in their final year of studies need to have secured 50% or above in aggregate in the undergraduate tests conducted so far. All candidates or students giving their final degree examinations for March-May 2020 can also send in their applications. Those candidates applying for programmes following the International curriculum must note that their eligibility for the programme depends on the AIU stipulations.

The minimum score needed for CAT / CMAT / MAT / GMAT / GRE/ XAT / ATMA is merely an eligibility criteria while the actual scores secured by the candidate thereof shall have no bearing in the selection process.

Christ University MBA Admission Last Date for session – I is 27/01/2020 and for session – II is 23/03/2020.

The college specializes in providing a number of specializations in MBA. Being the top private institute in Bangalore for management courses the institute offers some of the most sought after programmes. These programmes are being taught by some of the best experts in the field. The college has been known across the country for having some of the best infrastructure that rivals some of the top institutes in India. The institute management is very vocal about maintaining quality throughout in matters related to academic conduct, infrastructure, teaching processes and overall governance which has paid off great dividends.

Christ University MBA Courses offer the typical aspirant a number of opportunities. The specializations in the field of MBA help students secure jobs into posts that require their expertise. With a strong job market in Bangalore in part due to its IT boom graduates are bound to get placed. The alumni of Christ University and the relations that the college maintains with multinational companies have made studying for MBA at Christ a highly sought after affair.

  • MBA – Specialization in Marketing
  • MBA – Specialization in Business Analytics
  • MBA – Specialization in Finance
  • MBA – Specialization in Human Resource
  • MBA – Specialization in Lean operations and systems

These specializationprogrammes have a number of takes and each year the college has witnessed a rise in the number of applicants to its programmes.

Christ University MBA Fees Structure is quite affordable compared to other top MBA colleges in the country. For a private college the institute fees are more than justified. One could argue that it is very low for the quality of education and the different facilities offered. The college has a very strong network of alumni that head some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Their constant support has led to the college benefiting greatly. Eligible and deserving candidates can also avail scholarships as assistance. The college assists applicants to finance their education via banks as per the rules and regulations. An education loan is always helpful if one finds oneself in a tight spot.

Christ College MBA Fees:

The MBA programme fees for different specializations have been listed below. The fee is the same across all specializations: MBA – Specialization in Marketing / Business Analytics / Finance / Human Resource / Lean Operations and Systems.

Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year
Karnataka candidates INR 3,75,000 INR 4,08,000
Other State candidates INR 3,90,000 INR 4,08,000
NRI candidates INR 4,75,000 INR 4,75,000
SAARC/Africa/PIO/ACI/ASEAN Candidates 7000 USD 7000 USD
Other Foreign Nationals 7500 USD 7500 USD

Fee Structure for MBA (Christ University) & MBA (FHWS Germany):

Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year
Karnataka candidates INR 5,44,500 INR 5,44,500
Other State candidates INR 5,44,500 INR 5,44,500
NRI candidates INR 6,44,500 INR 6,44,500

Fee Structure for MBA (Christ University) &MS (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA):

Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year
Karnataka candidates INR 4,23,500 US $6500 payable to VCU
Other State candidates INR 4,33,500 US $7000 payable to VCU
NRI candidates INR 5,23,500 US $7000 payable to VCU

Fee Structure for MBA (Christ University) &MBA (Western Michigan University, USA):

Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year
1st installment 2nd installment 3rd installment
Karnataka candidates INR 4,23,500 US $12,059.15
US $8,856.40
US $2,929.78
Other State candidates INR 4,33,500 US $12,059.15
US $8,856.40
US $2,929.78
NRI candidates INR 5,23,500 US $12,059.15
US $8,856.40
US $2,929.78

The above mentioned fee does not include the non-refundable admission registration fee of INR 5000/-

The fee is fixed for the programmes but may be changed nominally to meet the rise in costs. This condition is not applicable for NRI category candidates who will be required to pay the entire fee in advance. To be considered as an NRI candidate the student is required to complete their last qualifying exam from outside India.

Christ MBA Fees is not at all high and the return on investment or ROI via placements is very strong. The college enjoys a very enviable position when it comes to the packages secured by its students via placements. The campus has witnessed the recruitment of its finest talent by some of the most successful companies in the world. Multinational companies have had an eye out for the incredible talent the campus has been able to churn out over the years. Students are trained well by the placement cell prior to attending interviews which gives them a solid edge over candidates from other colleges.

Christ University MBA Fees Including Hostel is not a thing that should bother students at all. The college gives great placements and enjoys some of the best placement records in Bangalore. The consistency in performance of the college is one the biggest reasons why students choose Christ University over other colleges. The hostels at Christ University are some of the best in Bangalore. The college provides separate accommodation for men and women. The hostels give students access to Gym facilities with the latest fitness equipment, a common study hall and enhanced security 24/7 with the use of biometric systems and security personnel throughout the hostel.

Christ University Hostel Fees:

The hostel fee is given in INR for different types of accommodations and facilities have been given below.

Room Style Fee / Annum Refundable Dep. Total
Single Room + Attached Toilet 119450 10000 129450
Single Room + Non- Attached Toilet 114450 10000 124450
Twin Sharing + Attached Toilet 105150 10000 115150
Twin Sharing + Non Attached Toilet 100750 10000 110750

The application processing fee for hostels is Rs. 300. Students are offered great facilities at rock bottom prices. These hostels are well managed and are extremely safe. The college maintains great discipline in the hostel premises. Entry and exit into hotels is recorded and regulated. Ragging is considered a crime and any such practice is frowned upon. Violators are dealt with harshly.  Students can choose accommodations depending on their requirement, single, sharing etc.

The college is well known throughout India for the level of care given to its students. Student welfare comes first for Christ University management.

Christ University MBA Reviews have been very strong and positive. There is great level of admiration for the works of the institute to bring the college on par with international players. Students from the institute are considered to be among the best. Superior not just in academics but in a wide variety of fields. The reputation of the college stems from the years of consistent performance delivered by the management at Christ University. The placement success stories of students from Christ University are famous all throughout Bangalore. Multinational companies are a frequent sight in the university’s campuses during placement season.

Something that students hold in high regard is the Christ University MBA Placements Packages. The college is a go to place for a number of firms and hence there is a struggle between firms to secure the best talent in the institute. MBA has been a very significant post graduate programme with a very strong demand from all quarters. During economic expansion of the country many private corporations and budding industries both manufacturers and service providers witnessed an acute shortage of management professionals. Not many colleges offered the course and hence the industry saw a growth in such talent as institutes started offering the course. Today a number of colleges provide MBA with different areas of specializations.

MBA Admission In Christ College is unique in that it is awarded to only the best students which is evident from the academic performance of the students at the institute. The college follows a very holistic approach towards education with a very strong focus on practical problem solving techniques and learning through practical references. This sort of a learning process change the way in which students are molded and helps in easier induction of students into professional environments within companies. The highest package secured for MBA is 13.12 Lakhs per annum which is quite good. For the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 the highest package secured by students have consistently been at and over 13 LPA. Generally MBA graduates are known to secure really good packages especially from firms based out of Bangalore.

Christ University MBA Average Package hovers at around 6.85 Lakhs per annum which again is above the industrial average. The really good placement records for the college have been a driving force for most applicants into the MBA programmes. The college administration also works in tandem with the companies through continuous consultations in order to keep students up to date with technology and recent industrial developments. This increases their odds of landing an internship or a solid placement. Besides the college offers MBA specializations only in those fields that command a great deal of demand.

Another big attraction for students is the general scenic beauty of the Christ University campuses in general.

The Christ University Campus for MBA is known for its lush green campus with a number of facilities at the disposal of students. The student community is largely diverse with a strong sense of secularism among all its members. There is enough freedom and discipline that makes this campus a true place of learning.

Interested in pursuing an MBA that is recognized the world over? Then Christ University is the best place to start your journey… Let us know if this information was useful to you. And, comment below on what topics you want us to cover next!

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