Even before you select a collage for doing BBA, selecting the course itself is a challenge. The question between B.Com and BBA is a tough decision and if you have opted for BBA and are looking for a reputed Institute like Christ University to start your journey?…My friend, all I can say is.. it’s your lucky day. In this blog I will take you through all the corners of this one-of-a kind university.

The goal of this 3 year course is to provide you with technical and management skills and to prepare you for the corporate world. A BBA program aims to polish your social and leadership skills and offers you everything you need to stay on top of your job.

India’s top BBA colleges like Christ University offer you a bountiful BBA degree course, but why will you opt for Christ University? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Christ University BBA acknowledges the importance of practical experience; therefore their approach is not only limited to the abstract understanding of concepts, but also to face real-life management situations for students. Christ University has a dedicated placement cell that organizes seminars, internships, workshops and training to allow students to obtain hands-on experience and familiarize themselves with corporate culture during their 3-year tenure. Unique courses are designed to give students tips on developing personality.

Opting for BBA is only good if you know management and a career in the corporate sector is your ultimate goal. BBA helps you to build the base of your management career and so universities like Christ University encourages you to prepare yourself for the next challenge. They develop the skill set in you so that you become a successful manager in future.

So you have a fair idea that Christ university is obviously among the top institutions in the country to give you a decent education and placement. But what are the courses they are offering? Let’s find out.

Under the umbrella

The Christ university BBA courses  include the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning from the fields of Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Law, Media Relations, Hotel Management and Computer Applications, through various standardized electives. The curriculum focuses on improving the students and equipping them to address 21st century managerial challenges. The ability to work in teams is often highlighted as a key skill to be built for work-place success.

Also the curriculum aims to improve the critical reasoning, decision-making capacity and research aptitude of you. Learning is supported by multiple pedagogical resources, such as case studies, lectures, internships, research projects, industrial visits, and guest lecturers from a range of experts from the industry.

In the year 2008, under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, Christ University was declared “Deemed University.” The University has two campuses in Bengaluru; one in Bannerghatta Road and the other in Kengeri. The Bannerghatta Road campus offers undergraduate programs in arts, commerce, science, and business administration. All of B. Tech, with M. Tech programs is offered on campus in Kengeri. The University’s BBA program is among the most sought after courses in India.

Getting into Christ University BBA

Coming to the admission part, the Christ University BBA Admission follows the common procedure like other recognized universities in India. Christ College BBA has an annual intake of 570 students (approx) with a decrease of 83-95 percent for 2012. According to the 2017 India Today Directory of Best Colleges for BBA, Christ University BBA Ranking has been ranked number one on every metric such as credibility, academic feedback, student treatment, facilities and placement. Christ University BBA Evaluation has always been optimistic, owing to the excellent facilities offered year after year by eligible students.

The 3-year, 6-semester BBA program at Christ University is based on achieving these goals. You will get a bird’s eye view of the holistic aspects relevant to the successful start-up and management of a company as well as the interdisciplinary study of various general electives such as economics, psychology, among others.

Christ University’s Common Entrance Examination is the screening examination with different specializations to provide for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme. The evaluation is typically performed within a multi-month time period commencing in a week of April regularly followed by a micro presentation, skill assessment and individual meeting.

To get into Christ University you need to score very well in the Christ University BBA entrance exam. So top students from all over India get admission and you would be learning with some of the sharpest minds. The contribution of Christ University BBA to the society has been measured and analyzed by the members and critics of the educational environment over decades. There are many people who have appraised their methods of teaching, management procedures and opportunities for placement.

Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth

Who better than the past students to give you a clearer picture about the college? They are the ones who know the loopholes and the core strengths of the institute. So we generally take their reviews very seriously. According to their reviews you can see that BBA enrollment in Bangalore Christ University meets your purpose-set criteria. Students wishing to take BBA Admission to Christ University must go along with the requirements. Christ University, Christ College BBA, being a member of a respected educational institution, obtains a strong corporate network. Besides those Christ University alumni maintains a wide network of connections.

Christ University BBA Review of past students sheds light on the vows that the organization took as its goal to become “a breeding ground for the holistic growth of a person in order to make an successful contribution to society in a competitive world.”The campus includes all sorts of clubs and organizations. You Can be a member of either of these associations / clubs. Being a member of these clubs is definitely a plus point for you.

The college conducts festivals every now and then and you’ll be encouraged to engage in them as it will be an amazing opportunity for you to socialize with the alumni and build up a strong social network. The college also sends students to other colleges for feasts and is very supportive of the same.

Record set by Christ University

In 2015, the India Today Group-Nielsen Survey rated Christ University BBA as the 11th best BBA institute in India under the category ‘ India’s Best Universities. ‘Also, Christ University BBA ranking as an A+ institution declared by the NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council. UGC described the college as an Institute with Potential for Excellence. Christ University BBA has the distinction of being named as the first institution in Karnataka to be accredited for the highest standard of education by NAAC, UGC.

It’s consistently ranked among India’s top 10 institutes. Christ University BBA has been ranked as No.1 BBA Institute for the past three consecutive years

The prospect of Christ College BBA Placements is fluid, and wide. The incentives offered by Christ College BBA placements vary through various BBA courses. The college is well recognized in the business world. The Christ College BBA placement session is attended by leading companies from Bangalore and around the world.

You must have observed that the ranking of an institute tells a lot about their core facilities. The Christ University BBA Ranking speaks louder than any other mode of advertisements or promotions. Maybe this is why premier institutes in India do not promote themselves. Over the years the institute has developed itself to earn its credibility and trustworthiness among students and industries.

Over thousands of students annually strive to select the most successful course for Christ University-Bachelor of Business Administration. For the past three consecutive years, i.e. 2013, 2014 and 2015, the BBA program at Christ University has been ranked No. 1 in India for India Today. BBA University of Christ is considered to be the most up-to-date course offering training in four different subject areas. But the Christ University BBA eligibility test includes Entrance Test, Ability Assessment, Micro Presentation, Personal Interview and an assessment of their previous academic success.

The reward of studying in Christ University

Even the global ranking and the latest state of art facilities goes in vain if you do not have placement at the end of the course. Although most students may not go for a placement after completing BBA, if you think that you need to secure a job after your BBA, then this university is the right place for you. Christ University, Christ College BBA, being a member of a respected educational institution, obtains a strong corporate network. Besides the Christ University alumni Pplays an important part in the programs of Christ university BBA Placements.

Let’s see the figures

Christ University BBA Placements has experienced a highest placement package being 14 LPA. The average package for Christ University BBA placements is 6.5 LPA.

Christ University BBA Placement is unique . The cell acts as an active interface between you and the industry. They maintain strong relations with the business world, exploring new job positions and responsibilities and helping their students get ready for work.D. E. Shaw India Private Limited, Futures First, AON, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, etc. are some of that many companies that come for the BBA placement.

If this information has lured you….. then my friend Christ University BBA last date for Admission is near, do not miss the opportunity.

But then you also need to find out if it is in your budget to get into this University?

How deep will it cut your pocket?

To be blunt the fee structure as declared on the official website clearly points out that there are different slabs for students from Karnataka and other states and also students coming from SAARC nations and other foreign countries.

You are expected to pay the 1st Year fee immediately after verifying their admission. For 2nd and 3rd year, the fee for the year shall be remitted before the final exams of the second and fourth semesters, respectively. Similar to many private organizations, it is relatively feasible. If you are from Karnataka its approximately 1.4 lakhs and for other states addition it’s approximately 1.85 lakhs per year and its relatively cool with the amount of publicity they get. 

For the academic year 2020, Christ University BBA fee structure has a non-refundable fee of INR 5000 and a special system slab fee for Karnataka graduates, other states & NRI / foreign nationals. According to the UGC Guidelines, fee payment of Christ UniversityBBA fees can be done in the online mode, payment options & information will be given to selected candidates via the links “Offer of Admission” and “Application Status.” the University BBA fee is set for 3 years while a regular nominal increase may occur to meet the rise in costs.`

The faculty and staff are very friendly and supportive as well as encouraging us to pursue projects and research activities where you can get hands-on experiences in different activities accompanied by participation in different national and international events as well. This is one of the reasons you can justify the Christ University BBA Fees.

As the rankings reveal, Christ University scores a high position in India rankings. I would certainly have entered this course if I had been informed in my time. This is simply because the content of the course is very well organized. The teachers, their teaching methods, the tasks, the presentations and the chances you have to know your own talents that are plentiful and not to be missed, the placements!

In my findings Christ University certainly has the best placements.

In fact, the crowd is genuinely fantastic. You’re going to make great friends and I’m saying that because I’ve got some really good friends doing BBA and that’s how I learn so much about their lives as well.Life may get a little hectic and tiring but it’s manageable because I never see my friends not having fun and it will also be worth it at the end of three years.

If you think this is the place you are looking for but not making any decision because of the cost involved? Then you should look into the Christ University BBA scholarship. You can avail the merit scholarship which is instituted on the basis of your past academic success and subsequent results in various exams and examinations.

Every year the recipient earns a merit scholarship in September. The scholarship will be determined on the basis of your past academic scores, mid-semester examination and routine class attendance during the first year. For one end-semester and two mid-semester tests of each year, merit scholarships will be determined for the consecutive years based on your results.

College life is the most chilled out period you can ever have. Being BBA students makes you no different from other grad students like arts, science or commerce, the difference is that you get more insights from the industries while doing your BBA, and if you are going to MBA, of course this course will help you like no other course.

 The country needs more skilled managers to look into global issues. We look up to educational institutes like Christ University to produce talented leaders. The industry prefers such institutes to achieve their goals. What more can I ask from a University that will not only shape my career but will help me build my skill and qualities? Don’t you think the University will be a good choice for you? What else do you need to know? Let me know your thoughts on Christ University in the comments below. See y’all on the flip side!!

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