What is Quality Education

Quality education does not merely imply imparting basic education to all. The basic characteristics of a quality education are those that are meaningful, responsive to both individual and social needs which are made available to each and every student. Leading reports define quality education as leading to identification of cognitive development and one that helps […]

What’s is your Motto for life

Forgive and forget. Honesty is the best policy. Speech is silver, silence is golden. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There are any number of life mottos available for you to pick from. If you are wondering why you need one, here is the answer below. Replaces negative thinking with […]

Take a Stand for Yoga Today

Looking for an exercise to relive stress, muscle strain, sharpen attention & concentration, calm and center the nervous system all at the same time? You don’t have to look far for the answer, it’s right here in the Indian backyard called yoga. In Sanskrit, yoga means to unite,  which is literally what it does by […]

10 MIND BLOWING facts about college students!

Ever wondered how college life in India would be? Are you worried about your career choices? Wanna know the untold story of the stress in college students? Anxious about your future? Just relax! Here are some 10 mind blowing facts about college students and college life in India. I have tried to show you the […]

How to Deal with Stress Over Exam Results

Exam demons  These are the ones that haunt many of us not only before, during the exams but even after they are done, when result dates draw near. Guess what?  You don’t need to fear them anymore and here’s how you can do it. Avoid postmortems. You walk out of the exam hall, when your […]

Life Skills Life Coaching for High School Students

An ability that makes your life easier as well as handle day to day issues effortlessly. That’s a life skill. Life coaching is the process of helping you meet, achieve and exceed goals in your life. Do you need both? A BIG, yes. Especially if you are a high school student, mired in confusion about […]

Career Vs job following your passion

That aunt who nags you constantly. Those nosy neighbors making wisecracks at your expense every day. Your worried parents. All conspire to make you take up a job ASAP whether it is the career path you intended to tread on or not in the first place. Make no mistake about it, there is a huge […]