That aunt who nags you constantly.

Those nosy neighbors making wisecracks at your expense every day. Your worried parents.

All conspire to make you take up a job ASAP whether it is the career path you intended to tread on or not in the first place.

Make no mistake about it, there is a huge difference between the two ; a job and a career. While a job pays your bills, it is pursuing a satisfying career that leaves you feeling exhilarated and the greatest rat in the rat race.

Dare to dream! Which means, hold on to that measly job to still the tongue of your aunt/ neighbor. But DON’T let go of your bigger dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that they may never come true.  Figure out what you are really passionate about and how to get there. After all, when you retire, you will have only one question to answer; did you have enough courage to chase that pot at the end of the rainbow?

Brave those odds. Maybe it needs a lot of time. Luck is another dicey factor. Monetary returns may seem insufficient in the beginning.  Perhaps it requires constant travel. All of these may seem insurmountable odds for you right now, but look at it in the long term perspective. In 30 years or so, will you feel you have gotten the best deal from life? Or will you ponder on how life would have turned out if you had trod on the path less taken?

Sharpen those skills!  Whether its learning a foreign language or programming skills. Even if it’s physically strenuous or mentally taxing don’t pull back. Keep those long term career dreams always in front of your eyes. Only a sharpened saw cuts trees better so don’t hesitate to polish up those skills at any time.

Carve a niche for yourself! Raise the benchmark that much higher. Aim for that promotion. Get that raise you deserve.  Gain experiences, build connections. And walk that extra mile. Speak at prominent events, become a well known figure in society. Blaze a trail for lesser mortals to follow.

Get creative! A dead end job can sap your life energy. It’s only a career path that is exciting and challenging that gets you to be innovative and creative in multiple ways. In fact, a dream job will make you look for better & easier ways to get the job done with creativity and help you excel in your career. You will also have the mental & spiritual energy to rise far above obstacles.

Don’t let 1/3rd of your life spoil the other portions! Research says that, we spend nearly 1/3rd of our life at work. Which automatically implies that, if you are miserable at work,  it is going to spillover and impact the balance 2/3rds of your life as well.  

In other words, choose your career path wisely and well. Don’t just look for a job, look for passion that can sustain you, fill you with joy and help you contribute to society in rich meaningful ways.  As Aristotle wisely said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”.

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