So you have now stepped out of the hallowed portals of High School.

On the horizon is an exciting vista of carefree college life with unlimited fun and enjoyment filled with new experiences, new friends and ….. studies!

What does your schedule as a college girl look like? Somewhat like the one below probably.

Waking up!  The alarm goes off promptly at 5.30am or 6am. But do you wake up on the first ring? Definitely not. Probably a bit of screaming, coddling, yelling from parents/ roommates/ siblings will wake you sunny side up each day! You head miserably to the bathroom cursing all and sundry to freshen up..

Getting dressed. Being a woman, means endless scrutiny of the colour, fabric look and feel of each dress and critical analysis of how it looks on you. Plus the trauma of un- ironed clothes, finding matching accessories.. all ensure that this will be the most difficult part of your life each day.

Wading through traffic! Narrow, clogged Indian roads, filled with a random assortment of cows, stray dogs, abandoned horses, jaywalking pedestrians, two wheelers zipping across lanes all are college and office goer’s worst nightmares. This is the pleasant prospect which await you reach morning, if you stay off campus.

Rushing  late into class. The first period is already underway as you rush in huffing and puffing through the college gates. The professor gives you a dirty glare and choice abuses as you settle down next to your friend and wait for your heartbeat to slow down. Your friend and you make eye contact as you try to wrap your mind around what the lecture is all about.

Seminars/ presentations. Did you forget to prep for that seminar that lecturer had asked you to present?  You quickly get to work with your friends and prepare one quickly to appease the faculty and somehow live through it.

Laughs and lunch in the cafeteria.  You make it alive through till the lunch hour and join your friends to gossip and discuss about party plans, who is dating whom, who is wearing which dress, sigh sadly when you watch your dreamboat walk into the cafeteria with a different girl on his arm.

Practical / Lab classes. You head sleepily post lunch to that lab class where you need to be specially alert to record observations, draw as per the lecturer’s instructions and not mess up anything in the bargain.

End of another day. Your gang walks out of the college at the end of another tiring day and head to a local hangout for some gossip, discussion, party/ outing planning. You wearily walk to the bus stop to brave another journey through the crowded traffic.

Home-work. All you want to do is lie down, but your mother hovers about asking you how your day has been, telling you to help her with dinner, chop some vegetables, fold dry clothes, clean the house.. you ignore it all and lock your room door tightly to drown out all that noise. You browse your mobile, have a late dinner, chat with friends, do a bit of home assignments and voila! It’s already 12 midnight as you unwillingly slip into the bed to start the same routine the next day…

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