Coe result day, and your will see a plethora of faces on campus; some joyful, some sad some I-can’t- believe my luck types and others just plain relived.

So here are 7 types of students you come across on result day.

  1. The happy backbenchers: They spent the best years of college life chatting, eating, cracking jokes on the back benches and didn’t exactly hit the books each night. No wonder, they are delighted with a 40% or a just- pass as they sail happily across the portals of college life. Whether their parents are equally happy with this breezy, carefree attitude is a different matter altogether!
  • The hand wringers: These are probably amongst the most annoying types. They score a 97% but go on and on moping that they have been shortchanged and were actually expecting 99%! Accompanied by fretful parents, they bemoan and curse everyone and everything in sight! They are especially envious of the toppers and sneak in uncharitable comments to anybody who cares to listen.
  • The zen monks: These are those content souls who studied as well as partied and performed to the best of their abilities. They have a 80% result in hand and are content with it and don’t go around crying over spilt milk. The peace in their soul literally oozes out through their calm smiles!
  • The flunked category: They spent the best years of college life roaming endlessly, never attending any lectures, nor paid any heed to warnings from either the faculty or the parents. They have obviously flunked and are now facing the music from irate parents, mocking relatives, and the smug, we- told- you –so college management.
  • The annoying toppers: These are the those gems of the college who are the apples of faculty’s eyes, the pride of beaming parents and annoying to the extreme for classmates who have to deal with endless smirks as well as their barrage of comments of “ I scored so high and you scored so low” or “ You should have worked harder like me”. These are the souls who feel that just by scoring a 100% in exams they have scored a centum in real life as well!
  • The fanatic tally keepers: They may have scored a 60%, but these are those souls who are probably more interested in the results of others than of their own. They will also have endless justification for their performance to anyone who is willing to lend them an ear.  “ I was not well so couldn’t score a 99% “ or “ I wrote all the answers so well, still don’t know how I landed up with such low marks” etc. They are all the while busy checking out the results of others!
  • The dreamy, indifferent souls:  They came. They studied. They passed and left with their degrees. These are children of parents who have probably told them not to fret over exam results and to pursue their passions, whatever they may be.  Whether it is to become an actor, musician or an artist this degree is just another milestone in the path of these dreamers.

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