How many days can you go without the internet and social media?

You might find me crazy to be asking this question. The Internet and sharing have become so important to us that, if the internet stopped working from today, our life will become stagnant.

“Roti, Kapda, Makaan and the Internet” are the new basic necessities of life!

We google search for anything and everything. While we search for information about others, some others might be searching for information about us even without us being aware. Data is the new currency. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want fraudsters to make money by selling your personal information.

Even when you think you are posting something privately, once it is released into the Internet, it is out of your control and can be used against you in the future. To help you be safe, we have listed a bunch of things you shouldn’t be posting on social media.

Here are a few things never to share on social media.

1. The social site is asking for your birth date? Think before you enter it!

Did you know your birth date might be a security question for your bank account and spammers might use this information to hack your account and rob all your money?. Now that you know it, let’s keep it safe!. Also sharing your phone number might lead to unnecessary spam calls as your number might reach wrong hands. Stop entering every information asked without doing any background check!

2. How about stalkers in your home?

In all excitement, you post your id card with personal details on social media. The next thing you know, your personal data is with fraudsters who can misuse it to access your bank details, create a fake account, claim your insurance or even create a whole new bank loan on your name, and you wouldn’t even know!

3. Do you flaunt yourself wherever you go?

A post from your vacation might be a green light to criminals waiting to rob your house. The geotag may act as a trigger point to your stalker or a criminal who’s following you on social media. While you are travelling solo, knowing you are alone and knowing your location, you could fall prey to attackers. The cyber attackers can track your each and every move and your data can simply be hacked !! I am sure you do not want that, so please think before sharing it!

4. Lock your daily routine. I repeat, do not share every detail!

Maintaining Snapchat streak is important, updating your fancy lifestyle on Instagram makes you a cool guy, but wait, let’s get it straight. Heard of stalkers? They won’t show you their presence, but they exist.

They observe all actions, and within a matter of a few days, they would know your schedule better than your friends and take advantage of it to attack blackmail and bully you. Let’s remain careful and confine sharing details only with friends.

5. Why nobody should know you had a fight with your loved ones.

Beware cybercrime starts from here!

Social media is not the place to showcase your emotions, once you post your personal emotions you are giving a key to stalkers. While you might be posting your fights and conversations for other reasons, there are chances that these screenshots are used for emotional advantages by people on the internet.

The loving relationship you had might turn bitter overnight because of this temporary showcase of rivalry over social networks.

6. Don’t crib too much about your boss!

You might be posting your conversations, about your boss and other happenings in the office just out of sheer excitement or frustration. Or Your company is in profits and for obvious reasons has many rivals and competitors. Anyone from outside could grab all your company insider information just by blackmailing you or building a false friendship with you. As the old saying goes, “Even the walls have ears”. While you may not be aware of the scam, you will still be held responsible for any of the scams that could make a loss to company revenues and defame it.  

7. Only a crazy person would share his password with others

This one really seems like a silly suggestion, but if it didn’t happen, then Facebook wouldn’t list it on Number 1 on its list of things you shouldn’t share. Even sharing the password with a friend can be a risk. We know you are smart enough to not share any sensitive information like your bank details and passwords on social media. Before posting anything on social media, ask yourself – “What possibly could go wrong?”. Follow a principle of “When in doubt, leave it out” to secure yourself and your personal information. Always remember, your social media and privacy should go hand in hand to build a healthy community and not turn against your privacy and security. So, please think before sharing. Did you have any such experiences? What are your thoughts on this? Comment your views below and share this blog with your friends to spread awareness

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