10 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent

Intelligence may be an inborn trait, but studies show that IQ levels can be improved with a few brain gym activities. Do the new.  The easiest way to challenge our brain, is to do something new each day. Don’t order “the usual” at your favourite restaurant, force your brain to pick something new. Travel to […]

10 Amazing things you do before you start career

College life marks the last stage of your carefree life Once that phase is done, you get sucked into the 9-5 job rigorous schedules, paying endless EMI, hunched in front a of a computer screen 12 hours a day, getting married, starting a family and before you know it you are living the ‘boring’ lives […]

12 easy ways to beat those entrance exams blues

You may be a fount of information. But until and unless you learn how to present it in a high pressure entrance exam environment, you would still fail to crack you way into the top colleges in town. Here are a few tricks to help you prepare for those tricky entrance exams. Study in the […]