How does Career Counseling Helps with Career Development?

Have you finished your 10th std and are clueless which course to pursue next even though you have hordes of screaming relatives, friends, and well wishers doling advice down your throat? Or have you finished your 12th grade and don’t know which stream- arts, humanities, engineering, medicine to pursue or which entrance exam to write […]

10 Effective ways to improve your Concentration level on Education!

You have a ton of studying to do, yet can’t seem to hit the books. Exams are right around the corner.  Your study timetable is all ready, your worried parents check on you each minute of the day, yet your mind remains a complete blank. Ever felt like this? Trying to figure out ways to […]

Be Language Confident! Get Rid of These Common Grammatical Errors Now

Be Language Confident! Get Rid of These Common Grammatical Errors Now Are you afraid to speak English because you aren’t confident about the correct usage grammar? Here are some tips to fix those common grammatical errors to make you language confident! 1. Me/ Myself/I : NEVER introduce yourself to someone as “Myself Kiran, BE graduate […]

10 Tricks to Reduce Your Stress and Make Your College Life Smooth

College life is an exciting, fun filled journey which also brings with it huge amounts of stress. Here are 10 tricks to beat that stress and enjoy a smooth ride of college life. Sleep!  If you plan to stay out till 4am and then attend a 9am class you are doing your body an injustice. […]

7 Types of Students You Come Across on Result Day

Coe result day, and your will see a plethora of faces on campus; some joyful, some sad some I-can’t- believe my luck types and others just plain relived. So here are 7 types of students you come across on result day. The happy backbenchers: They spent the best years of college life chatting, eating, cracking […]

10 Terrifying Moments That Every College Student Will Relate To

The life of a college student is peppered with many instances of celebration and joy but is equally marred by several other happenings. Read on to find the 10 terrifying moments, every college student is faced with. Essays. Assignments, reports!  So you just compiled a 40 page project report and were just breathing a sigh […]

10 Things Every College Fresher should know

Hey, Fresh college-goers out there!! Take all our wishes for your new college!! We understand you have so many dreams with your college. You are waiting with hands, on your heart for college days. Elders and seniors you have seen spending eventful days with friends, attending seminars, workshops, and discussing big dreams of life. Now […]