Are you a college fresher?  Then here are a few survival hacks for you.

  1. Upgrade your wardrobe: While you don’t need to look like you walked out of Karana Johar’s set, you would certainly need to invest in a good wardrobe with several mix and match pieces.
  2. Fill up your backpack: Whether it’s notepads, reference books or essentials like phones, chargers, money, wipes make sure you have them all well stocked and packed in your bag.
  3. Make friends with classmates and seniors: Set that ego aside and make nice with your peers and seniors as they can prove to be essential lifelines for you in your initial college days. In fact, friendships built in college survive the test of time and last for entire lifetimes!
  4. Get to know your surroundings: The days of being a frog – in – the –well are long gone, so explore every corner on the campus from the crowded canteens, to the airy library, admin department or various classrooms. Get to know as many people as you can while on the move.
  5. Study hard: Always remember this; your parents have put in their hard earned money to see you party and waste your life in college. Enjoy yourself but at the same time put in the required study time to earn good grade which will not only ease your parents worry, but also fetch you respect from the faculty.
  6. Volunteer: Enroll as a member on various college societies and clubs.  Volunteer to organize any programs or campus cleaning drives. Stand for elections.
  7. Stay on a budget: Splurging on exotic food joints or partying each night will set you back financially and increase the burden on your family. Budget your expenses and see that you do not overshoot them.
  8. Learn to cook: Yes, it’s high time you did that. Not only would you be saving money, but you would also eat healthy, less oil & soda free food. It is also a pleasant pastime for your mind.
  9. Build up your GPA at the beginning of the program: The classes are much easier then and make sure to get those A’s to balance out senior years when the programs are that much harder.
  10. Keep everything under a lock and key: You haven’t met most of your college mates before, You don’t know if believe in thieving or just plain “borrowing”. So make sure to keep all your belongings under lock and key. As Shakespeare wisely said, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”.
  11. Organize your closet space: Make sure your clothes are neatly folded and properly stacked to avoid the panic of “What do I wear” while standing among a pile of rumpled clothes.
  12. Invest in a planner: Organize your days, time and schedules by using a planner to lay out all the activities from day 1.
  13. Stay on top of your homework: Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done as a wise sage once said. Finish your daily assignments on time to stay on top of the work.
  14. Take notes:  During class lectures, make sure to have a notepad or a laptop handy to keep taking notes of what the faculty is saying so that not only does your mind register the data, but you also have a reference point to go back to, later on.
  15. Prepare well before giving presentations: As they say, first impressions are the last impressions. So prepare well for presentations, get one of your friends to ask you questions on topics you already know the answers to!

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