You may be a fount of information. But until and unless you learn how to present it in a high pressure entrance exam environment, you would still fail to crack you way into the top colleges in town.

Here are a few tricks to help you prepare for those tricky entrance exams.

  1. Study in the same place, same time, each day:  A Russian psychologist called Pavlov, did an experiment where he rang the bell and then fed the dog. Soon the dog would begin to salivate just at the sound of the bell even if food was not offered. Human mind functions much in the same way. Study in the same place and time each day and you will learn to focus in the same way.
  2. Short and sweet study sessions! If you expect to do last minute cramming with marathon 15 hour study sessions, you are in for a rude shock. The human mind can take only so much and it will drift off after a while. It’s best if you plan your short study sessions,  to be spread across many days and months.
  3. Pick the reference book carefully:  It’s all very well to stack your table with a pile of books. But how many of them will you actually get around to studying? A better plan is to find that one reference book that offers maximum coverage and peruse it thoroughly and diligently. Use notes for topics not covered in that book.
  4. Sift though questions and options cautiously: At first glance, an answer may seem to be right. But wait, don’t jump the gun and rush to answer. Go through the questions and the given options carefully before you pick the answer.
  5. Train the brain: What is your exam slot? 11-2am? 2-5 pm? Whichever it is, practice solving question papers in that slot to ensure that your brain functions optimally in that time slot.
  6. Go from difficult to easy: Tackle that difficult subject first and reserve the easy ones for when you are feeling lazy or towards the end. Sit up straight, don’t slouch and don’t study when you are sleepy.
  7. Eliminate to arrive at the answer: Just like the 50: 50 options in KBC erases 2 incorrect answers, train yourself to eliminate the wrong options and focus solely on those 2 options which you might feel are the right ones.
  8. Shortcut your way to success: Some may remember formulas through mnemonics. Others through diagrams or mind maps. Pick whichever method you find to be the best and practice it to perfection.
  9. Maintain the body balance:  While you are busy focusing on training your mind, don’t overlook the needs of your physical body, because without it’s support you would never be bale to succeed. Eat on time, sleep well, and drink plenty of water. Exercise.
  10. Time for a break! Relax. This word is as important as planning your study timetable. Watch a movie, listen to music, and chat with friends or family between hitting the books.
  11. Divert those distractions; Whether it a dog barking or 2 family members having a disagreement or even a ring of that infamous mobile. Cut all those noises out of your life.
  12. Do your best and don’t fret: As that amazing fount of wisdom, The Bhagvad Gita tells us, we have the right only over the action and not on the fruits thereof. So plan well,, study well and do your best. Whatever be the consequences, have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your bets shot.

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