Hey, Fresh college-goers out there!!

Take all our wishes for your new college!!

We understand you have so many dreams with your college. You are waiting with hands, on your heart for college days. Elders and seniors you have seen spending eventful days with friends, attending seminars, workshops, and discussing big dreams of life.

Now it is your turn!! Soon, you will become the centre of attention for everyone.

But, handling college life for a fresher is not a very easy task. You have to do so many things at the same period. Neither you can neglect study, nor your friends and fun. College days will never come back.

In this blog, we will be discussing 10-important things a college fresher should know.

1. Welcome New Life & New Journey:

If you are attending college for the first time in your life, you are about to start a new journey. Firstly, it is important to enjoy the process. Your age demands something more than study. Enjoying the entire process is required and appreciable. Students need to push themselves towards co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Making new friends, interacting people, understanding behavior and exploring several cultures are also a crucial part of your education.

2. Set Your Priorities:

Education, career, family, girlfriend or boyfriend, socialization, adventure, night-out – all are there in your college life. So setting your priority is pivotal.

Ask yourself following questions, while setting your priorities of college life-

  • Why are you in college?
  • What will you do after college?
  • How do you want to see yourself in life?

3. Learn how to balance your time:

Once you set the priorities of your college life, now it is time to make a master-plan of it.  Without proper planning, no one can balance time and work.

While planning, you need to keep in mind the priorities you have already set for your college.

Balancing work and time should be realistic. If you are neglecting to enjoy college life, then there are chances that you will regret it later. It is preferable to avoid acting as extremist in all levels of your planning.

Be liberal, soulful in balancing your college life!

The art of balancing comes from a composed mind. Take help from your parents and mentors to become calm and composed in your life and decisions.

4. Learn how to manage your budget:


Yeah, that can take your nuts!!

You are serving on pocket money given by your parents. Managing tuition fees, study materials, phone bills, foods, movies, outing with friends, buying clothes & accessories are not at all easy with your pocket money.

Here also, your planning ability is highly required.

If you are planning solo, it will be hard to manage the budget for you. Moving in packs works well with college day budget plans.

You can take up part-time work, like giving tuitions or working in cafes etc. if required to boost up your budget plan.

5. Understand Your Limits:

Understanding your limits helps you not to get carried away with emotional rushes. Expressing and working on emotional stimuli is not always bad. But, one should know where to stop and say yourself or others NO.

Sometimes negative reinforcements work better than positive ones. If you think about the consequences that can happen when you break limits, you can limit yourself accordingly.

Again, limiting yourself too much can bear a bad influence on your life and development.

Everywhere balance is the mantra!

6. Learn how to become self-sufficient:

Highly required and time-oriented to become self-sufficient! It is especially applicable to those college fresher who are living in hostels out of their home comfort.

Self-sufficiency for College Fresher means a standard control over everyday life. It is not always mean that if you are earning, then only you can become self-sufficient.

Self-sufficiency indicates the ability to take care of personal everyday needs, like food, health, cleanliness and other essential livelihood requirements. You need to learn basic cooking or cleanliness tactics to save your day.

7.  Make Right Friends and Group:

Your group defines your choices many times. Importance of group is so ineluctable!!

If you make the right friends and join the right group, it can change the definition of your life towards peace and betterment. Bad company can be a detriment for your choices.

Use your intellect to make the right friends and groups!

Remember this, College-life friends share the most powerful bond.

8. Make Good Rapport with Professors and other Staff Members:

Having good relation with college professors and administrative staff members can help you to gel with your college life, learn productively and smartly address the nuisances of life.

You can get extra support from professors reading your present and further study if you have a good rapport with your professors.

9. Keep Yourself Healthy:

Keeping yourself healthy and also knowing ways of keeping yourself healthy help you to remain open to life and opportunities. If you are physically and psychologically sound, you will be able to handle all kinds of situations in your life.

10. Explore Your College & Surroundings:

Your college teaches you many things. So does its surroundings. You should fully explore your college and surroundings as well. It will help you to develop your character in many ways. People understand concepts like self-worth, teamwork, time management, group behavior, co-ordination, cooperation etc. mostly in their college life. Your exploration adds values to your life and progress.

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