The life of a college student is peppered with many instances of celebration and joy but is equally marred by several other happenings.

Read on to find the 10 terrifying moments, every college student is faced with.

  1. Essays. Assignments, reports!  So you just compiled a 40 page project report and were just breathing a sigh of relief, when the other faculty assigned an assignment and asked you to hand it in tomorrow. College life is filled with innumerable essay, project report and assignment writing enough to fill, several tomes of books!
  2. Being broke! Sure, your parents cough up college fees, tution fees, and give you pocket money but you don’t know where the money goes and you are broke all the time! Even if it’s to grab that hot cuppa coffee with friends, you debate and count your change to make sure you don’t lose face!
  3. Payback for bunking classes! So your friend asked you to cut a class to watch the latest movie in town and you did just that. You had a terrible headache another  day , so bunked college again. Be prepared for a huge shock the next day you do show up; a pile of backlog to clear. Lessons have progressed and you don’t follow a word, tests dates have been announced and you are clueless.
  4. Your mind is a blank in the test!   You were out partying with friends and put off studying till the last moment. Even when you hit the books, it was only a half- hearted attempt and you realize you haven’t studied enough to pass the test. Be prepared for all hell to break loose!
  5. Group projects! Uh!  That professor assigns you on a group project with classmates you can barely tolerate. With all that sniping, back biting, ego clashes you aren’t even sure how the project will get done. Yet you cling on, don’t have any chance now, do you?
  6. Student loans hang over your head!  Student loans are Damocles swords, hanging right over your head. Every time you slack off, or want to give up, there is the friendly banker around the corner or a nagging parent to remind you exactly how much of a student loan was taken, to enroll you into the program of your choice.
  7. Sick of the cafeteria food! It’s only when you are away from home, that you appreciate you truly mother’s cooking.  The stale, soda laced, spicy, overcooked, undercooked, salty cafeteria food is enough to make your stomach churn.
  8. Lousy roommates! The worst moments of your college life can occur if you land up with a roommate who is a thief, control freak, a dirt bag or worse. Watch your back and stay safe from these backstabbers.
  9. Broken friendships!  Your peer group and friends circle play a vital role in your college life. When you lose them due to misunderstandings or ego fights, it leaves behind a trail of traumatic experiences and heartbreaks.
  10. Uncertain future!  The global economy definitely has its ups and downs and your future looks hazy at best. Will you earn good grades? Will you get THE dream job after you graduate? How will life be, once you leave college?

All said and done, don’t let the worries drag you down, keep your chin up, do your best and life will definitely go your way.

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