Choosing the most suitable college for own-self is an extremely tricky, tiresome, stressful, yet crucial task of our life. Almost all of us have faced it more or little. In spite of abundant technological assistance, information-gathering sources, we still do stupid mistakes selecting our colleges.

According to the eminent educational consultancies in India and abroad, selection of an inappropriate college can disturb the potentials of the candidate. In this blog, we will help you to focus on those silly mistakes you do knowingly or unknowingly out of laziness or ignorance.

1. Not feeling the necessity of being  sincere:

Though people are aware of the seriousness connected with the selection of college, they still show a lack of sincerity in their actions. Students deliberately neglect so many things they also understand as required to be considered. Most of them have regretted their half-pie approaches towards the selection of the colleges.

As a student, you need to keep that concept in mind.

Let’s not corrupt your mind with laziness!!

2. Selecting College based on  general reputation:

Many of us do this mistake knowingly!!

We hear about one college, its reputation and some fancy features of it from somewhere. And, we start visualizing things about it. And, if your friends, boy friend or girl friend are thinking in the same way and, you are determining your college on the basis of this, you are seriously stepping wrong.

Selection of the college should not be based on emotions or fantasies. Emotions play a major role in our life and it is truth. But, using emotions while making crucial decisions of your life can be a disaster.

If you are too confused with your stuff, you can contact any good educational consultancy to clear away your inhibitions.

3 .  Simply avoiding visiting the college site before applying:

While deciding on your college, it is pivotal that you visit the campus with a proper appointment with the administrative executive. It is a serious step.

Being natives of the digital world, you may have surely visited the college website or related digital platforms and gathered the required information. But, a physical visit to the college campus is a must thing to do. You will get a real picture of the college, its infrastructure and other services.

It is suggested to communicate with old students, staff members, your subject teachers and address relevant conversation with them.

4 . Excluding a college just because of its higher fee structure:

Many exclude good colleges from their list with high fee structures. They are not aware of the financial aids which they can avail from several scholarships or educational loans.

We understand it is always possible to know all of the facilities you can get in your education. In that case, you are suggested to ask guidance from the educational consultancies or experts.

5 . Giving parents too much control over the selection of the college:

Parents are one of the most significant parts of our life. They are our good wisher and the best supporters lifetime. But, giving too much control to the parents on your college selection can be detrimental for your life.

They are not from your time or age. There are chances of failing them to understand everything you need. In that case, it is your responsibility to create productive co-ordination with them.

In such cases also, Educational Consultancies are good option to seek.

6 . Making last moment decisions for determining college:

There are lots of instances where students and their families are selecting college through the last-minute decision. These actions mostly yield negative results.

Some faces that they are not able to gel with the environment!!

Some remain irritated over the pedagogy!!

Some fail to adopt its culture!!

There is much negative feedback!!

In the entire college life, many students spend half-heartedly, as they failed to connect with their college environment. Learning and education get badly disturbed and developed to get derailed.

7 . Focusing on unnecessary Pleasantries:

Focusing on unnecessary pleasantries of the college is the pure diversion of the fact and sure manifests the immaturity if the decision-maker.

Yes, we understand that the presence of good canteen, recreation facilities etc. help us a lot in our college. But, those are not as important as your education, teaching & learning and placement system.

8 . Only considering your major in the college:

It is not appreciable you only consider your major in the college. Many students have changed their major after one year. In that case, one should look for colleges where students get plenty of good options if they want to shift.

9 . Getting scared of potential rejection:

Many students don’t approach desired colleges, as they bear the fear of potential rejection. They feel they don’t have enough potentials to be selected.

Guys…You never know!!

So, never fail to apply!!

Give your best and wait for the result!!

10 . Pondering over the local colleges only:

It is a legendary mistake that many students have done. Even parents play a vital role in manipulating their children for local colleges.

We are not against the local colleges. They can be the best one for you. But, you also need to understand that they may not be suitable options for you also.

Do not limit yourself in locations!!

Look for your best fit colleges and don’t hesitate to migrate!!

A suitable college leads you towards betterment.

At the end of the blog, we can say that, if you can avoid these 10-mistakes while selecting your college, you may able to choose the most suitable college for yourself.

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