You have a ton of studying to do, yet can’t seem to hit the books.

Exams are right around the corner.  Your study timetable is all ready, your worried parents check on you each minute of the day, yet your mind remains a complete blank.

Ever felt like this? Trying to figure out ways to NOT feel like this ever again? Then read on.

Here are 10 tips to improve your concentration levels on education:

  1. Catch those zzzzzs:  Your grandmother told you this. Research backs her up, saying you need 8-10 hours of sound sleep every night to have a calm, well rested mind. On the other hand, oversleeping is equally bad, because it disrupts your natural rhythm and makes you lazy

Tip: Sleep on time, wake up early to boost your concentration powers!

2. Man with a plan:  Break up the exam portions into small bits. Allocate 25-30 minutes to each topic and take 5 minute breaks before moving on to the next one on the list. Whether it’s checking your phone, answering nature’s call or getting a bite to eat, squeeze them all into the break times.

Tip:  Break up the exam portions into bits; squeeze in fun break times in between.

3. Meditate to win: Indian sages have been known for their powers of meditation. It’s time you tried it too. Just close your eyes when you feel stressed, chant OM or focus on the light within, breathe in and out deeply. This healthy practice will go a long way in increasing your powers of concentration.

Tip: Meditate everyday!

4. Find your study zone:  If you have a study room to yourself, utilize it to the fullest. If not, find a quiet corner in the study lounge, library or your home where there are zero distractions. Avoid people and things in who will break your focus.

Tip: Pick a quiet study zone.

5. Eat right! Overeating makes you feel woozy and sleepy. If you don’t eat, you feel tired and stressed. So what’s the ideal exam diet? Lots of water, light, healthy meals, lots of fresh veggies and fruits will do the trick. After all, you want the blood to rush to your brain and not to your stomach, right?

Tip:  Eat light healthy food, stay hydrated.

6. Jog, walk, run! Only if you are physically fit, will the mind be able to concentrate. Play some physical games or go for early morning walks to stay fit and active during exams.

Tip :  Exercise and play every day!

7. Use those earplugs: There is constant noise around us. Whether it’s the honk of vehicles, people around you or the clattering of pots and pans in the kitchen, it can cut into your powers of concentration.  Use earplugs to drown out all that chaotic noise.

Tip:  Drown the noise with earplugs.

8. Zone out:  Set aside a specific time everyday to let your mind wander where it will. At all other times of the day, stay focused and tell yourself that it isn’t the zone out time yet.

Tip:  Zone out and let your mind wander.

9. Don’t jump subjects:  When you try to study 2 subjects at one go, the brain keeps switching back and forth and loses its ability to stay focused.  Finish one subject completely, before moving on to the next.

         Tip: Train your brain to finish one task at a time!

10. Switch off that mobile:  Recognize that your mobile is a source of distraction. Switch it off and resist the temptation to keep browsing it every few minutes.

Tip:  Go incommunicado!

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