College life marks the last stage of your carefree life

Once that phase is done, you get sucked into the 9-5 job rigorous schedules, paying endless EMI, hunched in front a of a computer screen 12 hours a day, getting married, starting a family and before you know it you are living the ‘boring’ lives of your parents!

So here are 10 amazing thing you can do before getting sucked into the humdrum of life!

Jet off! It’s now or never. Pack that backpack and head off to that remote countryside, mountain top or seaside. Fraternize with the locals, eat to your heart’s content and potter around aimlessly in an adventure of a lifetime.. Chances are, you will never find the time or energy to do it again! If it’s foreign locales, nothing like it but you will also find plenty of untouched, unspoiled places in India which are less costlier, plus you will spared the hassles of  applying for, keeping safely foreign visas, travel documents, money etc.

Do volunteer work. Whether it is teaching at the school for the blind, spending time at that child orphanage, old age home or cleaning up a dirty stretch, opt for it now.  There is no shortage of such opportunities in a developing country like India and you will also learn that there are several millions of lives who are have received a much rawer deal from life than you have.

Learn a new tongue!  French German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese, there is no dearth of foreign languages available out there for you to learn. There are a plethora of India languages to choose from to. So take your pick, enrol for a new language learning program and get started.  It will not only add a new layer to your personality but will look good on your resume too!

Get skilled! Whether it’s a Java /soft skills program, playing a table/ guitar or rock climbing/ hand gliding/ bungee jumping, enrol for it NOW. Or you may lament the lack of time forever in your life to learn some new skill. You never know when an opportunity may present itself for you to showcase the skill.

Head to the kitchen.  With the ballooning restaurant prices, unhygienic, soda – laced food is not only going to burn a hole not only in your wallet, but also in your health as well. Learn some basic cooking tips to whip up, healthy, simple meals at a moment’s notice. You will then ensure you eat a balanced diet at home with less oil, salt, sugar, spice to deliver your optimal effort at work!

Read.  Whether it’s history, fiction, non- fiction, religion, philosophy, politics, sports, just pick up a good book and read to enrich your imagination and open up your mind to new vistas, thoughts and ideas. As they say a mind is like a parachute, it works only when it is open!

Focus on fitness. There are enough and more institutes offering yoga, zumba, aerobics, Pilates and any number of physical fitness classes at different time slots on weekdays and weekends. Enroll for one that catches your interest to ensure you house a healthy mind in your healthy body.

Log off social media.  Posting endless selfies and commenting on your friend’s posts is a waste of your time when your job reporting date is drawing near. So log off from all your social media accounts and do something to satisfy your soul simply because you may never get this breathing space in your life again.

Visit long lost friends and relatives.  School and college life probably meant you were busy with your peer group and could hardly spare time to call or visit that ailing aunt or write or call a friend slogging in a remote town. Now is the time to catch up with them and store up some golden memories.

Spend some alone time.  We come alone and depart alone from the world.  So spend some time soul searching, understanding and appreciating your accomplishments as you gear up to travel into an unknown future.

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