Why do people choose Amity University for higher studies?

The dilemma of choosing a college or university from the wide array of available ones makes everyone confused and many students fall prey for the same. So it becomes important to choose a college/ university wisely since it plays a vital role in everyone’s career. The task is stressful but a matter of prime concern. […]

Why do college students love to sleep?

Here’s why the college students are often addicted to sleep. It is approximated that 60% of college students are sleep deprived compared to 30% of adults, meaning many students are not choosing to sleep! The college students have to juggle a lot between socializing, hours of study and often working. It is not very surprising […]

Which are the best Law colleges in Bangalore?

Some people are born with an innate talent to win arguments. They are also known to have a very strong intellect. They have extraordinary access to logic and reason. These individuals make for strong lawyers. Over the years India has observed a substantial increase in the size of its population, wealth and hence economic activity. […]

How is Mount Carmel College, Bangalore?

India has a number of private colleges for women but none stand out like Mount Carmel. This is an institute that most girls have heard about either from an acquaintance or from a friend or even from their relatives. The college had its beginning at the time when India won her independence. One can imagine […]

What are the different types of motivation in psychology?

Hey ya’ll how are you guys doing? Hope all of you all are keeping a positive mindset and cracking on with your tasks as usual. Now, speaking of positive mindsets let’s figure out a strategy through which we can achieve this shall we? Motivation can be broadly classified into two main types, Intrinsic and Extrinsic. […]

How can I get into BMSCE and how are the Placements?

Among the things that really kick in the dopamine for students are great placement statistics. It excites even the least emotionally sensitive person. Who wouldn’t want to land a good job with a high six figure package? These offers are drying up really fast as supply of skilled personnel keeps increasing year after year. But […]

How to Get Admission for CSE in RVCE Bangalore?

RV College of Engineering Bangalore.The CSE program at this college is quite sought-after among the students nationwide. Students across the length and breadth of this country appear in very huge number to find admissions here.RVcollege is also a premier name among the top engineering colleges in India. You can definitely find a rewarding career prospect […]