How can I get into BMSCE and how are the Placements?

Among the things that really kick in the dopamine for students are great placement statistics. It excites even the least emotionally sensitive person. Who wouldn’t want to land a good job with a high six figure package? These offers are drying up really fast as supply of skilled personnel keeps increasing year after year. But […]

How to Get Admission for CSE in RVCE Bangalore?

RV College of Engineering Bangalore.The CSE program at this college is quite sought-after among the students nationwide. Students across the length and breadth of this country appear in very huge number to find admissions here.RVcollege is also a premier name among the top engineering colleges in India. You can definitely find a rewarding career prospect […]

10 major tips on how to deliver a convincing speech

Don’t you want to champion the art of speech in a limited period of time? If so, please read further!!!! Are you scared of talking in front of large group of strangers? If you do, no need to succumb to this fear by yourself, most of us are on the same page. An effective speech […]

Are you still on your phone? Learn how to reduce daily mobile usage!

Mobile addiction is a rabbit hole. Many people want to get out their mobile addiction but badly fail at it every single time. Mobile addiction is a behavioural addiction and it differs from people to people. Kids get addicted to watching all the animated cartoons. Adults get addicted to playing games or online shopping. Some […]

Exciting Apps for making Exceptional Notes

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult Note taking is an art. I was never a student who maintains her notes properly, half of my notebook left blank. Meanwhile, my friends use glittering pens, highlighters and even small sticky notes to decorate their conventional paperback notebook. […]

Take me through the Top MBA Colleges in Delhi for the year 2020, will you?

There is a saying that when business slows down, applications to MBA collages go up. The reason behind this may be because an MBA education is such that it does not involve only classroom studies, it comprises of case studies, real time situation handling, and much more that helps an organization to survive tough times. […]